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New evidence is emerging that defines just how the digital camera can be used to effect all the health benefits shown above.

Studies are showing which type of digital camera works best as a fitness aid. It seems that certain cameras are better suited for therapeutic purposes. And it is not just the most expensive ones either.

While photography still falls far short of a fitness or diet craze, there is a trend emerging that could lead to the camera taking on a much more prominent role in these areas.

The timing couldn’t be better. As the largest population segment in history, baby boomers, move toward a time in life when moderate exercise is best suited, digital camera activities are particularly well suited for improving senior minds and senior bodies.

But anyone seriously interested in improving their physical or mental health in a fun, new, low-stress way should definitely take another look at digital photography.

When used properly, your digital camera could become the best, pocket-sized fitness machine you ever owned.