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Have teams identify how the meetings are to be run

Identify how individuals are to be treated and what it looks like

Identify how decisions are to be made: (consensus, majority vote, team leader)

Have the Rules of Engagement displayed during the meeting

Modify the Rules of Engagement as needed

Describe behaviors that are part of the Rules of Engagement

Have team members agree to the Rules of Engagement that they developed

Preparation for Meeting

The following behaviors show preparation for meetings

Meeting leader sets an agenda

Agenda provided in sufficient time to members before meeting

Members prepared for meeting by have sufficient information on meeting topics ahead of time

Members prepared to brief topics assigned to them

Discussions between members before meeting to increase understanding about issues

Develop Positive Health News In Hindi Relationships

Encourage social relationships among members such as lunch or dinner interactions

Encourage interactions in which members get to know each other

Have members participate together in professional and leadership development programs

Have off-site meetings where individuals are in a different environment and away from interruptions

Set up a safe environment where all ideas can be heard

Set up activities where Latest Science News trust can be developed