READ  Healthcare Compliance is HIPAA Compliance

Meeting expectations:These services meet the expectation of doctors/ nurses/ clinics/ hospitals from these services. They do so by providing the following benefits:

Specialty trained transcriptionists

Seamless transcription services including holiday and weekend requirements

Transmitting information into EMR/EHR using HL7 interface

Securing information by having HIPAA/ HITECH compliant measures in place

Interoperability:This process creates patient records, which are legible and easily readable. This makes this information accessible and comprehensible to doctors/ nurses/ Small Steps To A Healthy Lifestyle clinics/ hospitals at every level. HL7 interface enables easy exchange of data with other systems without changing the essential meaning of the information.

Data integrity:Specialized transcription vendors help preserve the integrity of the data by ensuring that the audio files of the patient- doctor encounter is captured in totality, in an accurate, complete, clear, consistent, precise and reliable.