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Western medicine is more and more understanding these ideas and how they relate to healing. To stay at our best health we need to pay attention to building the strength of our life energy

Next, we need to take care of the planet….. the ball of matter on which we all are passengers through space and time. A clear eyed look around at our environment will show that we have stress fractures in how we grow our food, and how we treat our oceans, rivers, and lakes, and the air that we breathe. If we want to preserve it, and keep it healthy, we must all do even little things that respect our planet, and environment.

Finally, there is the matter of relationships with other people, other cultures, other governments, other races. The world is far too tribal and contentious and that leads to stress and conflict – some of which are wars that chew up lives and money. We need to actively seek harmony with others, and not conflict.

All of this together makes an expanded, more useful definition of natural health. Using these practices creates a true alternative health care medicine for our body, mind and planet. The 4 Natural Health Practices give us a simple framework for living life naturally, and a definition that helps get past all the hype in the marketplace regarding natural health.

They are not necessarily actionable by themselves, but if we adopt the spirit of them into our consciousness, it will help us to make better life decisions and we will be inspired to learn the details of how we can do each one of them well.

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The 4 Natural Health Practices

Strengthening Life Energy

Putting the right things in the mind and body

Harmonizing – with others and the environment

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