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BS/MS in Medical technology

Experience in Clinical Laboratory

Experience in Molecular testing

Responsibilities of the Health Information Technician:

Any health information technician has to perform number of responsibilities. They transfer the complex information into the understandable and interesting form for the ordinary public. They have to collect the data from the lab technicians and organize the diagnosis report for treating each patient. Health technicians determine the insurance reimbursement with the use of the computer programs, analyze the data and tabulate it. These technicians work under the supervision of the health information administrator. Following are major job duties that a health information technician handles:

Get the specimens for performing chemical analysis

Perform the chemical tests of the body fluids like blood, urine, spinal fluid, etc., to determine the presence of affecting components

Set up and maintain the Importing Food Supplements Into Uk laboratory equipments

Examine the samples of the chemical tests

Perform medical research to find the treatment for curing the disease

Record the results of the tests and present them to the doctor whenever required

Salary Offered

The pay scale of the health care technicians can be categorized in 4 types. The below figures are according to the survey made in Unites States in 2008. Figures of current pay scales may vary from what is mentioned below.

Average Pay Scale – Chemotherapy For One Year Old $20,440 to $50,060

Medium Pay Scale – $32, 960

Largest Pay Scale – $27, 920 to $34, 910

Highest Pay Scale – $43, 380 to $ 56, 320

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Army recruits the medical technicians every year. These technicians are trained in routine laboratory tests under the supervision of the experienced professionals. After completion of the training and job proficiency, these technicians supervise the laboratory and may advance to more responsible position in the lab management.


The duration of training for a medical technician may vary depending on the type of specialty and the organization applied in. The training of the health information technicians includes

Study of the Medical procedures in the laboratory

Study of human parasites and different illnesses

Lab administration and maintenance of records

There are very limited jobs in this field but because of the salaries offered to these health care professionals the career as a clinical laboratory technician is blooming rapidly.