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PruHealth insurance: This insurance will provide you with first class medical treatment. You are also allowed access to a number of health partners at attractive discounts. The most attractive part of PruHealth is its ‘Vitality’ program. This program takes into account people’s efforts to stay healthy as well as their state of health. This incentive ensures that you reap benefits if you are able to stay fit and healthy and not fall prey to illness.

Cigna health insurance: This insurance company has the unique feature of having branches all over the world. It has various individual plans that cuts across various sectors like the cash plan, dental plan, child plan, parent plan and the premier plan. The cash plan has three packages: gold silver and bronze. Each package covers expenses for consultations, home nursing, optical treatment, emergency treatment, accidental damage, physiotherapy etc.

Some other major medical insurance brokers include Benenden and Saga. But before you choose any of the brokers discussed above, make sure that you study their respective policies. Also take into account the market risks for each of them, and then decide which broker best caters to your medical needs.