3 Feline Skin Diseases That All Cat Owners Should Know About

Just like humans, your precious kitty is also prone to several skin diseases. Cat dandruff, ring worms and acne are 3 of the common feline skin diseases that can affect your pet. Although proper grooming is the best method to prevent these skin problems from occurring in the first place, you have to be extra aware and attentive in case your feline friend has been already affected by any of these ailments. Here are some general facts that will help you keep these skin problems at bay.
Cat Dandruff
Skin diseases in cats are usually a result of poor nutrition and improper grooming. Though cats groom themselves, it is seldom enough to keep them healthy. Dandruff is mainly caused due to the dryness of the skin, which again is the result of lack of nutritional elements in the body. If you How To Get Healthy Body In A Week are continuously feeding your cat cheap dry food, change her diet immediately to good quality canned food as these will provide the essential nutrients to her body and keep her skin hydrated. You might also want to use special cat dandruff shampoo to prevent the occurrence of dandruff.
This is another skin problem that can affect a cat at any point of time. Mainly caused by fungus, ring worms can spread to the surrounding areas if you are not grooming your cat regularly. The skin of the affected area shows signs The Medical Center At Bowling Green of crusting, scaling and redness. If your kitty has been affected, bring her to the vet and he will prescribe oral medication and specific shampoo to deal with this problem. Your vet may also ask you to clip the hair in that area.
Feline acne is one of the most common skin irritations that a cat may experience. Symptoms of this ailment include the cat getting a lot of blackheads on its chin. Acne occurs mostly due to excessive oil secretion in the skin. However, poor diet and improper grooming can also be a factor. Though acne is not as serious as other cat health problems, you should not ignore this skin condition as it might worsen anytime. Fortunately, you should be able to find special acne shampoo and antibiotic creams that can help take care of this condition. However, in case of excessive inflammation, you have to take your pet to the vet.
These 3 common skin conditions are some of the cat health problems that might affect your kitty. When in doubt, always check with your vet.