3 Health Issues to Beware Of

1. Beware the SoundsFrom the buzz of our alarms in the morning to the chatter…

1. Beware the Sounds
From the buzz of our alarms in the morning to the chatter of the television at night, we are exposed to sound every day. Sounds are measured with a unit called the A weighted decibel (dBA). Noises measuring 70dBA and quieter are not associated with hearing loss: but anything louder could pose a serious threat.
The sound from most power tools measures at least 85dBA, and this level can cause damage if you are exposed for eight hours or more per day. Sounds of 95 dBA or louder (often the volume for personal audio systems) How To Get Healthy Body can cause damage if exposure lasts longer than 45 minutes per day. Sounds of 105dBA and greater, found in dance bars and concerts, take only five minutes or more per day to put you at risk for hearing loss.
Prevent damage to your hearing by wearing ear protection when using power tools, limiting time spent on noisy leisure activities, and by allowing a quiet recovery time after prolonged exposure to loud noises. Regular hearing exams can reveal early hearing loss.
2. Beware How To Lose Weight Fast With Exercise the Burn
Getting a nice tan may be tempting, but care should be taken when lying too long in the path of the suns rays if you have not done so gradually. The severity of a sunburn depends on several factors including skin type, time of day, and how much sunbathing you have done to that point in time. Some medications can play into this also that actually make your skin more sensitive… so check the label or ask your doctor. The hours of 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM are when the suns ultraviolet (UV) rays are the strongest during the summer months. Try to avoid excessive exposure during this time. Only use sunscreen if you plan to spend many hours on the beach, but make sure you do indeed get some sun time in before you begin to burn. After a reasonable, healthy period of time with full exposure to the suns rays (you really need the Vitamin D to stay healthy) apply some sunscreen if you plan to extend your time in the sun.
3. Beware the Itch
It only takes as little as one-billionth of a gram of urushiol oil, the potent toxin found in poison ivy, poison oak or sumac to make you scratch like crazy. The best way to avoid the itch is to prevent contact. Before heading into the woods, apply some deodorant to your arms and legs. The active ingredient in many deodorants(aluminum chlorohydrate) can actually prevent urushiol oil from irritating the skin. If you do come into contact wash yourself quickly. Washing your skin and your clothes in soapy water within 10 minutes of contact can minimize the rash. Use a solvent that can remove the oil from your skin, rubbing alcohol and acetone are both effective. How long should you wash? Mark your skin with a pen and wash until the ink comes out. If your skin does become irritated, there are steps you can take to soothe the itch. Applying ice and calamine lotion are both great ways to minimize the irritation. If the skin is blistering, do not apply ice.