30 Second Anti-Aging Workouts to Boost Your Metabolism

Most everyone knows that exercise is good for them. It helps keep weight off, improves…

Most everyone knows that exercise is good for them. It helps keep weight off, improves brain function, elevates mood, and lowers the risks of heart disease and cancer. Unfortunately a lot of people are put off because they think exercise takes a long time, or just don’t know where to start. What research has been revealing though is that you don’t need to work out for a long time to get the great health benefits.
A recent study done in Edinburgh, Scotland at the Heriot-Watt University showed that Jobs In A Hospital Without A Degree intense exercise for short periods of time reduces the risks of developing diabetes.
The study published BMC Endocrine Disorders had healthy, young, male volunteers do 30-Second Sprints using exercise bikes throughout a two week period. Each participant did two or three of these short sprints a day totaling 30 for the test period, which added up to a grand total of just 15 minutes of exercise.
That is right, over the course of the two weeks just – 15 minutes.
What most people don’t believe is that this low volume and high intensity approach drastically improved not only insulin response, but also blood sugar control.
James Timmons one of the researches and a professor at the university concluded, “Doing a few intense muscle exercises, each lasting only about 30 seconds each, dramatically improves your metabolism in just two weeks,”
Now you know how much I advocate Interval Type exercise, not only for fat loss but for the protection of your overall health. Best yet you don’t even need to do that much of it to protect your health as you age. Our Complete Rejuvenation Program focuses on just 3 short intense workouts a week to give you the best combination of strength training and intervals to help you Determine HOW you Age.
This research is important to the fight against diabetes as well because it proves that there is a lot we can do for our health in very short amounts of time, if you are willing to “Train Smart”. Walking 30 minutes every day is terrific, and strength training is essential to looking and feeling young, but it is good to know that if we only have a few minutes a day we can still protect our health and our futures.
Remember Aging is Inevitable, But Looking World Health Organization News and Feeling Old is Optional.