5 Common Mistakes Made by People With Aging Parents

Calling from the hospital to find suitable care after a medical crisis has already occurred. If your parents are elderly, even if they are still in relatively good health, be PROACTIVE! Have a plan, even if it’s not totally Dietary Supplements Side Effects complete. If you’re already in crisis mode, and calling from the hospital, you’re apt to end up choosing the first place that’s available. That may not be the best place for your loved one, or your pocketbook.

Shying away from discussing alternative living arrangements for your parents well before they become necessary. Again, be PROACTIVE! Bring up the topic when emotions are calm. Introduce the idea that someday, a different style of daily living may become necessary for their health and well being. Remember, it doesn’t have to be a nursing home. Today, there are many alternatives. But do get their wishes and ideas on the subject.

Being in the dark as far as your parents’ financial situation. What kind of insurance coverage do they have? Is there long-term insurance that might cover in-home care or care in a nursing facility should it become necessary? What are the terms and conditions? If there is no insurance, what are their financial resources? Many parents don’t want to discuss this, but if they don’t, they run the risk of costly mistakes, of one sort or another when a crisis does occur.

Jumping to the conclusion that a nursing home or assisted living facility is the only answer. Not so! There are many different levels of care available, including in-home agencies that allow your parents to remain in their own home, which is usually the first choice.

Not knowing what level of care is required. Carefully evaluate how much care your parents need. Mental Health Awareness Articles This way you won’t end up paying for costly services that really aren’t desired or necessary.