5 Simple Ways to Choose a Home Care Worker for Your Elderly Family Member

These days it is sometimes easier to do things on your own. Outsourcing is not…

These days it is sometimes easier to do things on your own. Outsourcing is not always the best way to solve a problem. Certain things need to be done by other people while major issues are best handled directly. Home care is a rapidly changing issue in America. The elderly population are living longer and social security is cutting back. People have to work and support their immediate family, let alone their extended family which includes their parents. Hopefully, these five steps will help in choosing an appropriate home care worker for your elderly family member.
First, put an ad in the paper or free classified. Hopefully you choose a paper that reflects what you are looking for. In other words, if you are seeking a Yiddish speaking person. You would have to post a help wanted advertisement in a Yiddish newspaper to attract that type of person. Usually, an older family member might feel more comfortable with a person from their own culture. The foods, demeanor, and culture would be similar to the patient and therefore accommodate the patient. A simple phone interview with a candidate of their past experience and their current status could give you feel of the person to see if you want to meet with them. Tell them what you are willing to pay and if they are willing to accept the salary, you can move onto the next step.
Secondly, you need to interview candidates. If you do not feel comfortable meeting them in your home. you can meet them in a public place. I would say a public library. Some libraries have rooms that you can reserve for free. A meeting time can be arranged after your telephone interview with the person. Give the person a sample reading test or just basic comprehension test you photo copy out of an entrance exam booklet(you can also get at the library, FREE). Twenty to Fifty questions should be enough.
Third, Talk to them after they have successfully passed the written test then ask for references and let them know that they will have to take a drug test and you will be doing a background check as well. Give them scenarios of emergency situations that could occur and Best Foods For Healthy Body see how they would handle it. Also have a plan of what you want from the aide. In other words, a schedule should be laid out for the aide to keep your family member active and stimulated. For example the aide could take them to museums, movies, or a theatrical show
Fourth, make sure you actually get information from their previous work or school and you verify all the information. If the person does not have any references from this country then ask them to get a reference letter from their pastor or church on letter head vouching for them.
Lastly, have them meet your family member and gauge the interaction from the body language. Let your family member ask them questions and hopefully they will work great together.
This business is sometimes hit or miss. When dealing with people things may change. So, always keep that in mind. Even if you pick one Rush University Medical School person after the initial interviews. Have two or three people as backup just in case your first candidate does not work out. Good luck