A Tribute to the Health Seekers

Imagine you are enjoying an entertainment event, such as the Houston Rodeo, and a special TV announcement interrupts the lively chain of events of the evening. The message on the TV is from the chairman of the event, and he says, “In an effort to fight Rush Internal Medicine Doctors cancer, we would like to share a cancer prevention tip. Make sure 75% of your plate consists of fruits and vegetables.” And then music ramps back up in preparation for the next activity. How would you respond to such a short, but powerful message?
The Health Seekers
When I hear a health tip or news headline such as what the Houston Rodeo gave, I instantly become curious and want to learn more. I wonder how eating mostly fruits and vegetables impacts my health and prevents cancer. I immediately seek to incorporate this health tip into my lifestyle. I am a health seeker. A health seeker is anyone who wants to learn more and better their lives, regardless of current knowledge or education. So how about you? Are you a health seeker?
The Indifferent
You may respond by shrugging your shoulders and not think twice about a health tip like this. You figure that there is no point in changing because you don’t see an immediate need right now. You are just fine. You know about “health freaks” that die at a young age, and you definitely have a crazy great-aunt who drinks and smokes-and she’s living strong! I would challenge you not to bank on just luck when it comes to your health, and do everything in your power to put the odds in your favor.
The Naysayers Jobs Similar To Nursing
If you’re reading this, I doubt that you fall into this category, but ask yourself if you are a health naysayer. This usually involves a response to health advice such as, “I’m not worrying about preventing cancer-everything causes cancer. Eating better is not going to help.” If you or someone you know is a health naysayer, leave it alone for now. This person is not ready to make any health changes, and trying so will only make them more turned off. When they are ready, you will know. You will be a shining example of a healthy lifestyle, and they will be coming straight to you for advice. In the mean time, do not let them get to you or cause doubt-keep seeking health!
As a nation, only 33% of adults meet the recommended fruit servings daily (two or more), and 27% eat the recommended vegetables (three or more). Wow! If your goal is to be eating a plate that is mostly fruits and vegetables, we have some work to do. Become a health seeker-find out what you can change in your lifestyle to be closer to this amount. Think about what you are eating next today-throw in an apple or a small side salad. Your health will thank you today, and for many years to come.