Appendicectomy – The Surgery and Methods

The removal of the vermiform appendix from the body by medical surgery is called appendicectomy. Through evolution of the human body, the vermiform-appendix has lost its functionality and is only a vestigial appendage now. It is attached near the caecum, which is a pouch at the end of the large intestine. So, in short, the appendix lies between the large and the small intestine. It is a harmless projection in the body. However, sometimes an inflammation may occur and cause appendicitis.
Acute appendicitis is treated by removal of the appendix by appendicectomy; also known as appendisectomy or appendectomy. This procedure is generally performed on the patient in an emergency condition. In an acute state, the affected appendix may result in severe pain, vomiting, fever and disturbed bowels. In an unattended appendicitis state the person can suffer from a Circulatory Shock. This is a life threatening medical problem when body tissues face lack of blood supply. The inflamed appendix may initiate such irregularities and may lead to the rupture of the inner lining that protects the abdominal cavity.
Besides surgery, intravenous treatment is provided to the sufferer at times when a medical procedure can not be performed immediately. The use of antibiotics delays the spread of the infection. If such a precaution is not taken, then there is a possibility of Systematic Inflammatory Response Syndrome affecting the entire body. The whole-body may begin to reach an inflammatory-state and consequently, even fatality is possible.
The two scientific ways in which Benefits Of Health Insurance appendicectomy is performed are:
1. Open How To Become Healthy And Strong In One Month surgery
2. Laparoscopy
In an open surgery an incision is made in the lower part of the abdomen and the infected tissues are surgically removed. This can be followed by washing the area with sterile liquid to avoid infection or pus. Muscle layers and then the skin are sewed back together.
A laparoscopic surgery on the other hand is a more advanced method which leaves no major scars. Small cuts are made through which a camera and operation- instruments are inserted. The surgeon views the images on the screen while operating.
Recovery varies from person to person, but a laparoscopic appendectomy operation heals faster. The patients are often released within 24-hours while some may be kept on mild medication. The diet will include only juices initially before the individual can start performing normal bodily activities.
With the advent of science, everybody has access to various medical products, aids, information and guidance from doctors as well as online medical professionals. One must make the most of these resources to live a healthier life.