Are You FAT or PHAT? Get Fit For A New You

I used to see myself as FAT for a long time. I would get up…

I used to see myself as FAT for a long time. I would get up everyday hating my job and not having any motivation to actually have a life outside of my job. Everything seemed to be a chore and the only thing I wanted to do was go to work and come home. If I could have gotten away with not going to work I would have. Trust me I used all of the vacation and sick days I could.
I grew tired of looking at myself in the mirror and seeing that I was FAT. It didn’t matter what size I was I would still see someone else in the mirror. For whatever reason, we as women can find the smallest flaws on our bodies. What can we do to make ourselves feel PHAT? How do we unload the old baggage that stems from childhood, jobs, past relationship and the media?
I, like many others have come to the realization that we must love ourselves. We can say it, but we all know that actions speak louder than words. So what actions do we take? The first thing I did was take a hobby and turn it into something serious. I have always wanted to write. It’s one thing to jot things down, and another to get them so they are polished and ready for someone else to see. I started networking, taking classes and meeting with others who enjoy doing the same things. That boosted me more than I can say. I felt great!
Next, I started walking. I love to walk. I find that it is not only good for exercise but it is extremely relaxing. I invested in an iPod and started downloading audiobooks, Types Of Careers In Pharmacy informational podcasts and music. I could actually multi-task. I could exercise, relax and learn things all at the same time without feeling stressed out to get things done.
Now when I look in the mirror I see myself as PHAT. I feel great. I look great. My attitude has changed and I enjoy writing, networking, and feeling as though there is more to my life than work and television. How To Change To A Healthy Lifestyle My perspective has changed and it has been noticed by family and friends. They treat me differently and it feels good. It took some time and life does happen. For me it was worth a try and it worked.