As Long As Someone Else Pays For It

Health care is an issue; for, against, reform, satisfied, best in the world, inadequate, too…

Health care is an issue; for, against, reform, satisfied, best in the world, inadequate, too expensive. All of these words being used as if there was one answer. We talk about 85% of the Americans have health insurance (to hell with the other 15%, which is actually greater) and of these 85% are “satisfied” with their insurance; as long as someone else is paying for it, as long as they have not tried to use it, and as long as it is not Medicare or Medicaid.
Politics as usual likes to look at one side of the issue and not as a whole issue. They look at what is believed to be the good but not the bad. This narrow view of the issue does a disservice to the American public. When you say that Americans know we have the “best” care in the world in spite of Valley Medical Center Map all of the statistics that prove otherwise, you wonder where they are getting their information. If they take it from TV and all of the medical shows, of course it is the best, the best drama for entertainment, but in reality, there are a lot of challenges and a lot that needs to be improved.
It needs to be improved for the 15 percent who do not have any coverage (and if you take away the safety net of Medicare for the elderly, you would have more like 30% uninsured women, children, families and the working poor. It is nice to be optimistic and it is always nice to say that the “glass is A� full” and not “the glass is A� empty.” What Does My Car Insurance Cover The sad part is what ever percentage is “empty” are the lives of American citizens that man want to ignore. Then there is the reality of what care people are “satisfied” with, much of it is inadequate and does not offer preventative health care leaving many “underinsured” and without programs that might be better, safer, and less expensive.
Many are satisfied because they never use the insurance. You take the mass of people who do not care to go to the doctors and therefore have not experienced the inadequacies that might occur should their program actually be used. Then there are the masses of individuals who do not pay for any of their health care and are satisfied as long as they have someone else paying and do not even know how much their employer is paying for these services. Then there are the mass amounts of HMO’s that have taken over health care in a way that “controls” the services. People who are in pain having to wait for “authorization” to be checked and then wait for authorization to have any treatment. How the medical profession has ever allowed their profession to be taken over by businessmen is amazing, and puzzling.
In spite of the commentaries to the contrary, there is a very serious issue that needs to be dealt with and needs our leaders’ attention. They need to address the ever rising cost, those who have no coverage, and look at what is needed to deal with in increase in diseases that come from bad public choices. There needs to be support for conservative services that help the public to make better choices and to offer services which do not cause an ever increasing level of damage in the course of its limited benefits.
As long as the government pays, the employers pays and the insured individuals and families are unaware of the cost of their services and people will always have a sense of satisfaction, no matter how expensive or how unreasonable it may be. There are those who consider their health a priority over anyone and anything else. They believe they can ignore personal responsibility and no matter what they do or what happens to them in life, the world around them is responsible to give them back all they have lost or take care of their need for the rest of their life. These very selfish people do not care about anyone other than themselves and if they have enough votes and enough support they would be willing to bankrupt the world to fulfill their needs.