The base or root energy center is often referred to as the first one.
This energy vortex is what needs to be open and clear for us to be firmly grounded and yet it is one we often have trouble with.
It is where the energy is stored that connects us to the earth, that affects our hips, our legs and our spinal column. It is our sexual center, it is responsible for the health of the bladder, kidneys and adrenal glands.
Emotionally it is the center of self-awareness. How you see yourself and how you fit in this world. Ask yourself, do I have past memories or relationships that I need to heal? Am I allowing my past to control how I react to people and situations? What do I need to forgive?
If your adrenals are not functioning properly you often suffer from fatigue even after normally adequate sleep, feeling depressed, insomnia,cravings for sweet food and/or How To Have A Healthy Mind And Body cravings for salt and extreme sensitivity to cold. If you are having problems in these areas it is often because this chakra is not opened and balanced properly.
It is located at the base of our spine, its color is red.
Red symbolizes life, growth and the burning away of negativity and weakness. Red is the color of earth. Red regenerates increases the will to live.
This chakra spins anticlockwise in female and clockwise in men. If this energy is balanced you will be positive and assertive, but if it is unbalanced you may be insecure, aggressive or self-pitying.
To energize this energy center we can use meditation, often it helps to have a red image or a red crystal, such as jasper or ruby, to meditate on. As you meditate visualize energy being pulled up from the earth through your feet up your legs into your base chakra, then up your spine and spreading throughout your body. Next picture a beam of healing energy flowing down the crown your head and through your body. When you feel the calm flow of energy imagine it forming a beautiful ball of red energy spinning anticlockwise if you’re a woman or clockwise if you are a man.
A good affirmation for this energy center is, “I am strong and secure, I am Health Careers In Demand healthy and balanced, all my needs are met and I am loved unconditionally.”
If you like to use essential oils, cedarwood and patchouli and good oils to help you connect to the earth and become balanced.
A great way to balance these areas of your life are to spend time in nature, walking barefoot in the sand, hugging a tree,swimming in the ocean. Anywhere where you can directly connect to the earth. It is a good idea to sit outside on the grass as you do the meditation and say the affirmation. As you do this you will feel the stress draining out of you and the earths energizing life force flowing up into you.