Be Careful What You Put Into Your Body

There’s a great little acronym in cyber space called “GIGO” – Garbage In – Garbage Out.

I’d like to apply this term to the functioning of the human organism.

The body is a wonderful mechanism – so much so that regardless of what we do to it – it functions for years and years and years.

Well!- Perhaps its function is not as smooth as it should be and perhaps it clogs up a bit and becomes uncomfortable and yes, perhaps it doesn’t quite reach its natural life-span – but hey – what’s a bit of pain, discomfort and the loss of a few years at the end?

Ask the person that’s in pain – the person that is suffering with chronic symptoms – or the person that is about Worst Skin Care Products to exit this earthly plane prematurely and I’m sure that they would indicate a wish to have done better.

So in the spirit of doing better and promoting better health I’m going to suggest the following.

There are 3 major organs whose function it is to eliminate and excrete the wastes that build up/accumulate in the body – viz; Lungs, Kidneys and Skin.

The lungs are like bellows – they need to be exercised – expanded – and filled with pure air. And in rhythm, they need to be deflated – allowing the build up of CO2to be removed. Therefore, make it a daily practice to engage in rhythmic and diaphragmatic breathing.

The kidneys filter the blood and remove accumulated wastes – excreting urea and ammonia. Animal products, alcohol and medicines are some of the ingredients that tend to alter the normally slightly alkaline factor of the blood stream and cause a high degree of irritation. Another factor that negatively impacts on the kidneys is the excessive consumption of liquids. A natural plant based diet contains most of the pure liquids that the body needs – therefore we do not need to drink 8 glasses of water per day in order to ‘flush the kidneys’ – they are designed to function quite adequately on their own thank you.

And the skin – the body’s largest organ – needs to be kept in good nick. Daily skin brushing, regular air and sun baths, combined Medical Breakthroughs 2019 with proper hygiene will ensure that this fine pelt remains as an advertisement of your exceptionally good health.

Be abstemious with the Garbage In and give your body a helping hand with the Garbage Out.

All the best for your continued Health and Happiness,Kevin