Winter weather can leave the skin dry, cracked and itchy. It is important during such harsh weather conditions to take extra precautions to avoid skin irritations. Dress attire is one starting point but also taking vitamins and eating healthy do help the body fight infections that flare up during the season and attack the immune system. Along with a healthy diet and exercise, a good skin care routine is very affective in keeping the skin protected.
Some parts of the body are exposed to the elements more than others and it is important to use products that moisturise and guard the skin against the cold, dry and sometimes damp weather. Choosing a product that works for you is necessary to avoid breakouts or allergic reactions. Research Questions About Chemotherapy Always know your skin type and choose accordingly. Using products that are Paraben free and natural do work better for most skin types. If you have very dry skin, increase your use of moisturiser during the winter months. This can help prevent irritated and flaky skin.
Different parts of the body are more prone to infection than others and can spread throughout if not treated properly. The face is the most exposed part of the body, ageing more rapidly than the rest of the body and the main entrance for infections. Hygiene can help combat ageing as well as preventing infections and it is vital to wash your face and hands routinely, definitely after coming in contact with food and infectious items. Wash your face and hands before bedtime and upon waking, especially when wearing makeup as leaving on cosmetic products can dry the skin and eyeliners and mascara can lead to eye infections if worn during sleeping in any weather condition. Warm water instead of hot water can effectively reduce the skin’s dryness and using a good moisturiser after washing the face will keep dryness at bay.
Lips can become chapped and without protection such as lip balms or Vaseline, they can crack and become sore. Always apply a layer of protection to lips before going out in extreme weather conditions. Mouth sores can flare up especially during the cold season and can affect your mood and covering it with makeup does you no favours. With any open sore, it is advisable to never cover it with cosmetics as it can cause it to worsen instead of get better. This also goes with cracked lips and cuts, never cover them, but treat them and keep them free from lipsticks,etc.
The throat and neck area can be troublesome in the wintry season and various remedies such as hot drinks, dental hygiene and health diet are suggestive aids in a season of high pollen counts and viral infections. Sore throats and throat infections can cause acne like symptoms to occur around the throat, chin, and neck area and there are home remedies for these such as gargling with luke warm salt water or hydrogen peroxide to kill off any bacteria in the throat. Herbal teas with lemon help as well, ingesting hot beverages can help ward off the cold and aid in digestion. Keeping a good dental hygienic routine is necessary as well as using mouthwashes and flossing. Bacteria can build up in the teeth and can breed rapidly causing viral infections, especially when airborne bacteria enter the mouth.
If you already suffer from certain skin conditions, the weather can affect the extremity of the irritation. Winter is known to wreak havoc on dry or sensitive skin conditions such as Eczema and can be very painful to the sufferer if not attended to effectively. Cincinnati Children’S Guest Services It is important to seek medical advice on how to best treat your symptoms/conditions to ensure the best possible result. Healthy skin comes from a healthy lifestyle and protecting your skin from the elements can improve your overall mood and appearance.