Blood Donation – The Process in Simple Words

Blood donation is the process of donating your blood. The blood that is donated in blood camps is saved separately in the blood bank as per the blood Therapy Cost group. When a patient is in a critical need of blood, the blood banks in hospitals or other agencies make the donated blood available to them.
The process takes about 1 hour in totality. This includes the time taken in queue for your check up, the time in taking your health test to see if you are fit to donate and the time taken by you to fill up the form with your medical details and other relevant personal information. Following this, the one of the healthcare experts present at the camp, will take a short interview about your health and medical history. This is a private and confidential conversation. Further, you might also be asked to produce your identity card to validate your identity prior to donation.
Once all the formalities are completed, you will be taken for the blood donation procedure. A temperature check is first performed to see that the body temperature is normal. The blood pressure is also taken to ensure that the candidate is in proper health and state to donate. These tests are done keeping in mind your well being. As you proceed towards the donation, you will be asked to lie down on a table or a bed. A part of your arm will be cleansed with liquid. A sterilized needle will be injected into your arm and about one pint of blood will be collected. Following a donation, you will be provided with refreshments to compensate the sudden loss of blood in your body. After relaxing for a few minutes, you can move back to work or college and continue with your routine activities.
There are misconceptions that suggest that blood donation can make you fatigued. The human body on the contrary has the capability to bear as well as compensate the loss soon. However, after one donation, you can donate again only after 3 months when your body has regained the donated blood. Nevertheless, you shall feel no weakness during this entire period. An individual, who is healthy enough Food Supplements Vitamins And Minerals to donate, can easily regenerate and stabilize the blood levels in the body. Such healthcare services are very useful for cancer patients, young children suffering from critical diseases and victims of accidents. Hence, this is a philanthropic act which doesn’t cost you much but at the same time, it will make a very valuable contribution to somebody’s life. Donate, because it counts.