Body Balm Ingredients – Natural Skin Care Tips

Some people look at the back of a natural skin care product and think it looks nice and nourishing for the skin. Indeed, it is. But its just not the enticing words that sound good, its their function, and some of the ingredients you can find in a body balm are truly indulgent and ready to give your skin a real boost. So, lets look at some of the more exotic ingredients you might find in a body balm:
Shea Butter – This ingredient is known for deeply moisturising and conditioning the skin. It is a yellow-based natural fat extract from the seed of a shea tree and takes its silky smooth form once it is Vaccine Hesitancy Cdc crushed and boiled. In terms of a natural skin care product, shea butter is intensely nourishing and is known for reducing redness and other skin problems quickly and easily. Plus, it smells great too!
Melon Oil – One ingredient used in many natural skin care products is melon oil, or to be more exact, Kalahari melon oil. This oil originates from South African Kalahari melons and it is gradually becoming Psychological Therapy Near Me known for its beneficial cosmetic purposes. Some top natural skin care companies are using Kalahari melon oil in their products, and it is proving to be a fabulous natural skin care ingredient.
Zander – First of all, it’s important not to confuse the mineral Zander with the fish of the same name. Natural skin care products like balms wouldn’t contain fish extracts, as this would be compromising their promise on being ‘all natural’. So, exactly what is Zander then? It is an organic, nutrient rich substance which comes from the lakes of North Eastern Europe. The unique properties of Zander mean it is essential in cleansing and moisturising the skin to prevent dryness. Its aroma is also very relaxing, which appeals to a lot of people. This isn’t, as yet, a particularly common ingredient in a body balm, but it is fast becoming more popular and people are wanting to find out more. Zander in your natural body balm will give you a beautiful silky skin finish.
These are just some of the ingredients you might find in your body balm, and they are all well worth trying if you fancy adding some exotic ingredients to your daily skin care routine. The result will be beautifully nourished and moisturized skin – you’ll never want to try another body balm product again!