Caesarean Section – Unnatural Birth

The top medical news for the Cesarean section or C-section is that the Brazilian researchers…

The top medical news for the Cesarean section or C-section is that the Brazilian researchers have found the babies born through this procedure are more prone to obesity in their life later. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition says that the birth canal has beneficial bacteria which when babies are not exposed to, they might take longer to accumulate good bugs, which affect the metabolism. Obese adults tend to have fewer of these friendly bacteria in their digestive tract than normal-weight people.
The other big medical news is that Cesarean sections are on a rise which is not a good sign. With increasing number of C-sections worldwide, it is now misused as a revenue stream. The rate of C-section surgery tops nearly than 33% of all births in USA. 10 to 20% of the maternity units in UK deliver by C-section. This may also be a result of the relative safety offered by this procedure.
Though vaginal delivery is the course of nature, sometimes, in serious and life-threatening conditions either for the child or mother, it is better to have a Cesarean delivery. The doctors go through multiple layers to access the baby. The surgeons use blunt dissector and sharp instruments for the surgery. A machine is also used to burn small blood vessels to prevent bleeding. After reaching the uterus, removal of the amniotic fluid takes place to make more space in the uterus for the surgical instruments like a vacuum extractor or forceps. The baby is usually engaged in the pelvis with head down. The doctors lift that part first which first enters the pelvis. The mother may feel nauseated and pressurized during this intense moment. After the head, the rest of the baby’s body is born. The upper part of the abdomen is also pressed to help in the birth process. After the birth, the neonatologist puts the baby by the warmer, which is very important.
The mother is now operated upon for the repair of the uterus and the layers cut during the surgery. The removal of placenta takes place and examined Bath And Body Products by the doctor and the entire surgery takes about a quarter hour to complete. By this time, the mother should start the breast-feeding.
A Cesarean section can also be planned, which is known as an elective section and it is the mother’s Nutrient Reference Values Labelling personal choice. However, one should always go for the natural vaginal delivery if possible.