Cause of Diseases

Cause of DiseasesWhen I first began to study nutrition, I was exposed to only the…

Cause of Diseases

When I first began to study nutrition, I was exposed to only the mainstream, conventional information that we have all heard at least bits and pieces of: Information like the importance of vitamins, a balanced diet according to the food pyramid and how it is necessary to steer clear of bacteria. As the years went on, I gradually uncovered the superficial information that had been sold to us to find deep truths about the foods we eat and their effects on our body.

I first want to talk about disease and where it stems from. Disease is an imbalance in the body. The imbalance stems from two things: Toxema and Malnutrition. Toxema is caused by toxins that enter the body in several ways. One way is through our environment.

There’s no denying that we live in a toxic world and everyone is exposed to some level of toxins on a daily basis, especially in those industrial western culture. They are our food, air, water, soil, medications and vaccinations. A second way toxins enter our body is by cooking the foods we ingest. I am here to tell you that cooking foods can produce toxic residues that accumulate throughout our cannot escape toxins, but we can control the intake to a certain extent.

A third form of toxicity is mental and emotional toxicity. I believe in the mind body connection and destructive thinking can poison the human body just as much the toxic chemicals we ingest.

One of the original founders of the food and Drug Administration, Dr. Harvey Willey, spoke of how the ingredients of cold and cough remedies all contain poisons that relieve conditions by suppressing the “detoxification process”, thereby pushing all of the toxins trying to get out back into the body and adding additional drug poisons. Dr. Willey was later forced from his position at the FDA because of his great knowledge on the natural healing effects of the body and the poisonous effects of pharmaceuticals.

The amazing this is that the body will do its job if given the right tools. Its job is detoxification and healing, and the tools are raw foods, exercise, rest and a positive attitude.