Cell Phone Health Risks – Can it Cause Cancer?

Cell phone health has become a big debate in the recent awakenings of more and more people blaming their health on the usage of their cells. It has become such a hot debate, that most countries are passing laws that will make the cell phone providers to mandate that they warn people of the risk of brain cancer, due to the alleged radiation that is submitted through the cell.
It has not been clearly stated as of yet that there are confirmed reports of cell phone health causing brain cancer. There is no concrete proof that the two are linked to one another. There have been people who came out and said I did not have cancer until I begun using my cell over and over again and the doctors have informed me that the cause of my cancer was related to the usage of my cell. Once again there is no concrete proof that the two are linked other than the one not occurring until the cell phone became a habit.
The one thing that no one seems to remember when they are blaming the cell phone health risks being exposed is that when the cell was created, its sole purpose was to allow people to keep in touch when there is a accident or to allow someone to keep in touch when they have no other means Which Food Help Us To Grow to keep in touch. Once the cell became knowledge and that it allowed someone to make a phone call while they are in the middle of grocery shopping or other tasks, it immediately became something that everyone wanted and had to have. Instead of it becoming a luxury it became a necessity.
In order for a cell to work there are pieces of the mechanical parts that will give off a small portion of radiation and constant exposure will cause a small amount of health risks. However Food Supplement Definition the understanding is that the phone should be used in moderation and therefore given the right evidence it should not cause any additional health risks other than small health risks.
You should also be made aware of the location that is best to keep your cell phone in. The cell phone should not be kept in a mans pocket in his blue jeans as this can cause a lower sperm count and could affect the function of the sperm. It should be stored in a cell phone pouch which will be left on the outside of your clothing away from an area that could respond to any form of radiation. There should be 2 layers of clothing separating your cell phone pouch from the skin. This is the best way to make sure no damage is being done to your health. Also be sure to limit your calls on your cell, and you will be sure to be cutting your odds by more than half. This is a small price to protect your cell phone health habits to make sure that you live long and healthy.