Common Health Problems in Small Dogs

On average, small dogs live longer than larger ones. This is because their smaller bodies…

On average, small dogs live longer than larger ones. This is because their smaller bodies do not have to work as hard as larger canine bodies, resulting in less stress to bones, joints, and internal organs. However, small dogs do have breed-specific health problems that owners should be aware of. It is the owner’s responsibility, after all, to quickly identify health issues and get them treated before they become too serious.
One common health issue that many people think are exclusive to larger dogs is hip dysplasia. Hip dysplasia is an extremely painful condition in which the hip joint forms abnormally. On larger dogs, hip dysplasia is easy to notice. They will get a large limp, while smaller dogs will develop a less noticeable limp that is just as painful. Dysplasia is a very serious problem no matter the size of the animal.
Brachiocephalic problems are also common in small dogs. Dogs with flat or “smooshed up” faces, such as pugs and Shih Tzus, are affected. Brachiocephalic problems cause dogs to have difficulty breathing. They will frequently wheeze and snort. Some dog owners this cute and do not realize that it is actually quite serious. The dog is having a difficult time breathing, causing it distress, and if left untreated Brachiocephalic issues will result in a reduced life span.
Dogs love chocolate, but never give any to your small dogs! While all dogs are allergic to chocolate, larger dogs will often not be affected too badly by a small amount Health Career Search Answers due to their higher body weight. But a harmless amount for a big dog can be put your little pooch into a coma, and even kill it. Never leave chocolate laying around.
Many small dogs tend to develop teeth and gum problems that can lead to tooth loss. This is because owners of small dogs are more likely to feed their pets soft canned food rather than kibble. Dogs need to chew to maintain their teeth, and if you feed your toy dog canned food you need to buy something like rawhide bones regularly to ensure proper oral care.
Injuries are far more common in small dogs than large ones. Their smaller bones are more easily broken, and it is much easier to step on one without seeing if it gets underfoot. Some small dog owners have found that shuffling Personal Care Products List Pdf around their dog without lifting their feet too high when it is near is a good solution. Also, place rugs on hardwood floors near your furniture, as a fall from just a few feet is enough to cause injury in some small breeds.
Paying attention to even the smallest problems and getting help immediately is the best policy. Many people think that small dogs face the same kinds of issues as larger ones. While true, what you must remember about smaller dogs is that everything larger dogs face is more serious due to their smaller size. Health issues take a larger toll on their tiny systems, and something not so serious for a Great Dane can be fatal to a chihuahua.