Did You Know That a Shower Head Water Filter Can Be Beneficial to Your Health?

Almost everyone uses filters for their drinking or cooking water, but most people don’t ever think about filtering the water that comes through their shower head. Your skin and 1200 Calorie High Protein Diet hair will feel softer and healthier if you filter the water in your shower, plus you will actually help to protect yourself from a number of different health risks as well.
Chlorinated water can be dangerous – not just the smell or the damage it can do to your bathroom – but also because studies have linked longer-term exposure to chlorine with cancer. But there are other problems lurking besides chlorine. Your water might also contain copper, lead, mercury and other dangerous heavy metals.
Because these metals will not reduce into the steam from your shower, you cannot inhale them, however lead can be absorbed into the skin, and other metals can dry and Pork Fat Benefits discolor your hair. Studies have shown that lead is a danger to all people of every age, however children are even more likely to develop problems through exposure.
Many older homes were built with lead pipes, which can be extremely dangerous if the lead gets into your water. However, even newer homes can be at risk if your city’s water mains are made of lead. You need to have your water tested for chlorine, lead and other heavy metals in order to accurately assess your risk.
It is important to know that many of the shower head water filters on the market are unable to filter these heavy metals out of the water. You must look for a model that has features an ion exchange filter as well as the standard sub micron and carbon block filters. In addition to removing the heavy metals from your water, an ion exchange filter will make your water healthier and “softer,” which is why your hair and skin will feel so much better after using it.
It is important to find a shower head water filter that can also remove any carcinogenic chemicals that might be lurking in your water. Everyone knows it is dangerous to drink unfiltered water, but it can be just as dangerous to inhale steam that comes from unfiltered water. Most chemicals also have the ability to be absorbed through your skin.
For the safest results you should look for a shower head water filter that is labeled as “multi-stage” and offers an ion exchange to remove metals, as well as a carbon and sub micron filter system that will remove all toxins and chemicals from your water.