Emergency Preparedness Is A Plan For Survival

Emergency Preparedness Is A Plan For SurvivalEmergency preparedness is something we should all plan for…

Emergency Preparedness Is A Plan For Survival

Emergency preparedness is something we should all plan for regardless of where we live. Recent events have destroyed major metropolitan areas and are excellent examples of the need for an emergency kit. Tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, and earthquakes are the most devastating events caused by the wrath of Mother Nature. Just a few beneficial supplies can mean surviving these events.

If you do nothing else, always have a supply of bottled drinking water on hand. How much is dependent on the size of your family. In addition, canned goods that are non-perishable should be included. If you want to save space and weight, a good option are dehydrated meals that our soldiers use regularly. Don’t forget a hand operated can opener.

All forms of identification such as birth records and social security cards should be copied and placed with your other items. These documents are often difficult to replace if destroyed. Originals should be kept in a secure safe or even a safe deposit box at the bank. The same can be said for any family heirlooms. Keep in mind that no matter how heartbreaking it may be to lose our belongings, they can be replaced where human life cannot.

Batteries, matches, portable radios, and candles, should top off your emergency kit. Always have your cell phone on your person. Transmission towers are often destroyed during these storms but they can also be a means to the outside world if you should become trapped in any way.

Minor injuries are common during storms or in the bustle of preparing to evacuate. Keep one in all your cars that contains antiseptic creams, bandages, and analgesics for pain relief. Replace the analgesics from time to time to ensure their potency. Other medications used for diabetics, asthmatics, or those suffering from other debilitating illness should always be stored in an area that is quickly accessible.

A change of clothing and blankets should be included. Keep some cash on hand to purchase any necessary items as you need them. Your vehicle should be kept with a full tank of gas whenever possible. With today’s early warning signs of impending danger, a vehicle ready to go will enable you to evacuate immediately.

The thought of emergency preparedness may seem overwhelming to some but it is not. All necessary supplies can be gathered and kept in a plastic bin. All you would have to do is grab it along with your medications and go. Put a rescue plan in place with your family. Set up a meeting place where all of you will gather and know where everyone is at all times.