Filter Fluoride, Radiation, Heavy Metals and Chemicals from Your Water Today!

Water; it is the fount of rejuvenation and life. Symbolically it represents purity and fertility,…

Water; it is the fount of rejuvenation and life. Symbolically it represents purity and fertility, and as we are mostly made Best Skin Care Brands In The World of water, it is often likened to allegories of our own existence. It is fundamental to maintaining and establishing life.
On average humans must drink 2 Litres of water a day, and yet, almost instinctively, a lot of people do not. Why is this? No time? Or, on a cellular level, or a spiritual level, are you subconsciously aware of what is lurking in your water? I am, of course, referring to the fluoridation of major water supplies. Beneficial? I think not.
The fluoride that was introduced into our drinking water is an industrial waste by-product from the phosphate fertiliser and aluminium industries (Fluorosilicic Acid and Sodium Fluorosilicate), and is not the natural inorganic form of fluoride naturally occurring in nature (Calcium Fluoride). Wouldn’t it make more sense to add vitamins to our water supply, which boost overall health, rather than putting in such a toxic chemical with a bogus explanation that it will improve our dental health?
These unnatural industrial bi-products are not flushed from our bodies and they build up residually over time. They are industrial grade, not pharmaceutical Setting Good Habits grade products and can also contain residues of toxic heavy metals such as cadmium, arsenic, mercury or lead. Fluoride is even used as a rat poison!
Fluoride has a statistically significant association with a wide range of adverse effects. These include lowered sex drive, seven-fold increase in cancer and osteosarcoma, birth defects, sedation, brain defects, an increased risk of bone fractures, decreased thyroid function, lowered IQ, arthritic-like conditions, dental fluorosis.
Fluoride’s benefits in reducing tooth decay, if any, are TOPICAL, not SYSTEMIC. It would be like ingesting sun-block to protect from the sunlight!
Most of Western Europe has rejected fluoridation on the grounds that it is unsafe. It is banned in 97% of Europe due to the known health risks; European Union human rights legislation made it illegal. In 1971, after 11 years of testing, Sweden’s Nobel Medical Institute recommended against fluoridation, and the process was banned.
You can spend hundreds or thousands of dollars a year buying purified casked water to keep you and your family healthy but what I recommend is a filter for your kitchen tap.
Shipped worldwide, water filters from Pure Effect are of the highest quality and are BPA free. You can expect pure tasting water with greatly reduced levels of Fluoride, Arsenic, Chlorine, drug residues, VOCs, SOCs, hormone disruptors, heavy metals, sediment, cysts, bacteria, parasites (and more) better than Reverse Osmosis can.
With the recent Fukushima disaster there is lots of concern about radiation contamination of our food and water supplies and that is why you NEED to be drinking filtered water. Pure Effect filters address the major radioactive isotopes that were released and are still being released by reactors such as Iodine-131, Plutonium and Uranium.
If all of that wasn’t enough the filter also balances water PH to alkaline, remineralises the water and increases the antioxidant potential of the water (and more). Available in counter top and under sink models to suit any situation and varying degrees of filtering depending on what model you purchase.