Find Out The Truth About The World and How to Escape The Global Craziness

You may believe that your world is ‘somehow balanced’, even though you know that some people are suffering, there is no justice on Earth, poverty is unbearable and it kills the biggest part of the world population, and there are many wars, crimes, and numerous horrors where you are.
You are misled by so many misconceptions and lies that I cannot show you in only a few words how absurd your world really is. You have only a vague idea about the world absurdity based on what you read on newspapers and watch on TV. The truth is totally different from what you may imagine, even if you are very intelligent and you know many things. The knowledge of your historical time is very far from the truth.
Besides this fact, nobody cares about finding out the truth on Earth. Everybody likes to believe in illusions. Everybody cares about making money and living well, while trying to ignore the absurd contradictions that mark our existence.
Only because we try to ignore all the horrors of our world and live well in parallel with terror, we are absurd. How can we ignore what is killing us?
You follow the absurdity of your historical time without any criticism, while believing that you are a normal person. However, nobody is ‘normal’ in our world.
For example, in order to be a balanced person, you must suffer whenever you see a child suffering, and do everything you can to save this child, the same way you do everything you can for your own child. This is the behavior you should have if you want to be a mentally healthy individual.
You believe that your indifference to the human pain is a neutral attitude. You don’t understand that nothing is neutral.
If you are cold and insensitive, this means that you are absurd and cruel. If you were sensitive and sensible, you would care about the human suffering and do everything Medical Treatment App you could so that everyone around you would have the chance to be happy. Your indifference to what is happening in the world is not a ‘normal’ reaction.
You probably agree with the fact that ‘we need’ an army, the police, and prisons. However, an army represents the dictatorship of terrorism on Earth. Wars are violent and cruel explosions that come from our anti-conscience. The anti-conscience is our wild conscience, which didn’t evolve like our human conscience. Only demons can be so cruel and kill innocent people, besides killing soldiers, who are human beings the same way.
Our wars prove that we are very violent creatures. The army of each country proves that we are barbarous monsters because this army is ready to kill human beings without compassion.
The police should be totally different. Those who are controlled by their anti-conscience and commit crimes should follow a psychological treatment in good conditions instead of going to prison. Prisons prove that our world is a living hell, along with poverty, immorality, terror, and violence.
However, everybody simply tries to forget what is bad and live happily ‘besides’ all horrors, paying attention only to their personal lives.
If you want to escape the global craziness, you must learn how to translate the meaning of your dreams according Current Epidemiology Issues 2019 to the scientific method of dream interpretation, so that you may be enlightened by the divine wisdom.
This way, your personality will be transformed, and you’ll be different. You won’t follow the behavioral patterns of violence like everyone else, while believing that you are a ‘pacifist’. You’ll abandon the hypocrisy of the cruel world. You’ll learn how to find balance based on real goodness, sincerity, humbleness, generosity, forgiveness, and compassion.