Fish Recipes With a Dose of Poison

Health Magazines have become a premiere go-to for those who are health conscious and trying…

Health Magazines have become a premiere go-to for those who are health conscious and trying to make better choices. The problem: being a health magazine doesn’t mean the information they publish is healthy. Very often their information is outright harmful…
Case in point: a nationally distributed magazine with various fish dishes in their food section for a particular issue. They provide several recipes and then they take the time to insert a special little box to address the issue of highly toxic, dangerously harmful Health Policy And Management Careers metals like pcb’s and mercury that are found in fish. They suggest not eating it every day, limiting intake to a certain amount or frequency, and to avoid completely if you’re pregnant or trying to get pregnant (that last one should be a good clue of toxicity).
TRANSLATION: It’s toxic stuff, but if you eat it 1200 Calorie Meal Plan On A Budget only 3 times a week you won’t die immediately.
You know your body can handle arsenic in small amounts too; it doesn’t make it a good idea to put it on the menu.
The next thing this bad advice article says is to buy from “sustainable” salmon farms.
That sounds nice but “sustainable” salmon farms aren’t sustainable at all. Forget the medication and the genetic bio-engineering franken-salmon, but just the dye they use to get the salmon to be pink is toxic. Real salmon is beige; have you ever seen beige salmon in a store?
Several years ago, after enough people got seriously sick and their illness was tied to a chemical dye used for salmon, Canada finally banned it. The next day the manufacturers turned to a different chemical (well, named different, slight modification of ingredients makes that legal)… so now we wait another 10 years for a few more thousand people to get sick, and the chemi-go-round just keeps turning. One thing for sure, ban all you want, there will always be a lineup of replacement poisons waiting, usually by the very same suppliers.
If this dangerous advice was posted by some lonely blogger from his armchair it wouldn’t be as deadly; but when it is printed in a premiere “health mag” that is distributed nationally and they describe themselves as “Canada’s Natural Health and Wellness Magazine”, the average person will just assume that the information is credible. THAT is a very dangerous assumption.
And with toxins like this, you would never immediately know what’s happening… but somewhere down the road when your immune system gives out because it is exhausted from battling toxins, “suddenly” you have liver failure or malfunctioning thyroid or pancreatic problems or auto-immune disorders or, or, or, or… there’s no end to that list. Virtually any part of you can break down and because of our various genetic codes, it will be different for everyone. Of course since it take years to get there, it’s almost impossible to connect it back to the cause.
A weakened immune system makes you susceptible to anything and everything. Poisons in food might be small enough doses to be legal, but they add up and eventually your body will break. You are not made of steel, so don’t eat like you are (even steel erodes and rusts).
COMMON SENSE: avoid arsenic, avoid mercury, avoid any toxin you can avoid in all amounts and give your poor body a hand – it’s already busy battling the air you breathe and water you drink every day.