Green Health Care: 3 Earth Day Actions Your Body and the Environment Will Love

Green health care?
Hey why not, isn’t everything going green? In fact, if you’re health care hasn’t been green, then you’ve really been missing out. And it’s an excellent undertaking for Earth Day.
First of all what’s meant by “green”? Well, in case you have not noticed, going “green” is the current trend. It’s a focus on minimizing negative impact on the environment. An example is Supplementing With Vitamins the movement to replace the burning of fossil fuels with cleaner technology like solar and wind. And you most likely have heard how this company and that, even Walmart, is “going green”.
So, how does “green” apply to health care? Easily, in fact it’s long overdue. There are dozens of reports every year about medical wastes like used syringes washing up on beaches, there are potentially dangerous drugs like anti-biotic residues and human hormones like estrogen being discovered in most water supplies (expelled in human waste), and just think about the tons and tons of toxins produced by the pharmaceutical conglomerates. Kind of scary isn’t it?
Amazingly, this destruction of our environment can be greatly Health Awareness Program decreased if not stopped by a few simple lifestyle changes.
Here are the top 3 health care changes you and I can make to protect this world for our future generations:
1) Use holistic health care providers. The benefits and safety are well known. The impact on the environment is minuscule compared to taking the conventional medical route. Just think about it – every time a patient gets better using holistic care, then there are less drugs used, less medical waste, etc. And generally it’s all done at less cost too!
A perfect example of environmentally friendly, green health care is chiropractic, which aims to release one’s very own natural healing ability. Doctors of Chiropractic do this by analyzing a patient’s spine for mis-alignments that are causing nerve irritation/pinching (subluxation). They then make an adjustment using their hands or a small instrument. Free flowing mental impulses through the nervous system are vital for optimum health. How’s that for clean work? It’s a natural!
2) Seek organic food. Much harm to the environment occurs from herbicide, pesticide, and fertilizer applications to farm land. Most livestock producers routinely add drugs like anti-biotics and hormones to their herds water and food. Buy organic to avoid that. Besides it tastes better and it’s likely more nutrient laden. Yes, the organic varieties will cost more, but in the long-haul, in the cost to the environment, it doesn’t really cost it pays! At least seek to buy organic varieties of the top ten most chemically treated produce items. Here they are: apples, peppers, celery, cherries, grapes, nectarines, peaches, pears, potatoes, raspberries, spinach, and strawberries. The food corporations and farmers will eventually respond to the demands of the consumers.
Get familiar with your local farmer’s market. Ask how the food is grown. Better yet, consider growing some yourself!
3) Take more personal responsibility for your own health. Besides eating organically and using holistic health care providers like chiropractors, understand that you are more than just physical. You are also emotional, mental and spiritual. This means you’ve got to take care of your “whole” self for optimum wellness. Doing so will decrease your need for pharmaceuticals and other conventional medicine. It’s easier than you think once you learn how. We need more holistic self-care not more health care!
Now, share your enlightenment about the need and benefit of green health care. Many people don’t know that there are affordable, safe, and effective alternatives to most drugs with the exception of emergency or life-threatening situations. Set a good example for your children by using holistic health care practitioners, eating organic foods, and taking excellent care of yourself. Industries notice when people vote with their feet, and they will respond to the wants and needs of consumers.
Let’s get and keep green health care! It’s the real health care reform.