H1N1 – Pandemic Vaccine Ingredients Over Rated Compared to Homeopathic Properties of Silver

H1N1 – Pandemic Vaccine Ingredients Over Rated Compared to Homeopathic Properties of SilverI am writing…

H1N1 – Pandemic Vaccine Ingredients Over Rated Compared to Homeopathic Properties of Silver

I am writing this article speaking from my specific experiences dealing with the H1N1 virus. I recently returned from working on a major pipeline pumping station in Southern, Alberta. I had been there for almost 3 weeks this last run before I attended the Hospital and the attending Physician diagnosed me with the H1N1 flu and directed to take a week off. The H1N1 virus was confirmed the day before when one of my colleagues on site was sent home due to being severely ill.

It didn’t take long for the symptoms to take effect on my body. I began feeling lethargic and dragged down the night before I went to the hospital. Fortunate for me my wife had sent me a care package form home which contained a bottle of Silver solution. I began swishing and drinking 2 teaspoons every six most important symptoms relieved from the Silver was the decrease in light headiness and nausea. This allowed me to drive the 5 hours home, otherwise I’m sure I would have been stuck in my Motel room until I had the strength to drive.

Point being is that Silver has been used for hundreds of years for its anti fungal, purifying, immune boosting and microbial healing properties. Yet, our Medical Experts are mass immunizing the populous as a giant experiment fully aware of our precarious immune system.

Our so called experts decreed a Influenza Pandemic which caused fear among the population and six hour line ups for the vaccine. The fact of the matter is that there has always been and continue to be alternative medicines apart from the main stream medical approach. The only ones truly benefiting from the H1N1 vaccine are the pharmaceutical companies who are making hundreds of millions of dollars from the hype and fear mongering.

The real truth is that the H1N1 virus is no more deadly than the regular influenza that spreads every year. You won’t hear about that from the medical profession because they would look very silly and somewhat incompetent. The bottom line folks is that we rely on the so-called experts to protect us and save us from our own fears. We all have that same gray matter between our ears, so maybe its time we use it.

This is only the tip of the ice berg with regards to how big business and Multi-Conglomerates use and manipulate the population. If your okay with this then continue to be herded into the land of the abyss or start to take matters in your own hands and do some research. The best thing you can do “RIGHT” now for the health of you and your family is to checkout what the healing properties of Silver are and make a informed decision.