Health Care, Eschatology, General Pontifications and the 2nd Amendment

The Most difficult time to chronicle is transitional periods such as we are going through…

The Most difficult time to chronicle is transitional periods such as we are going through currently in America. There has been a not-so-silent battle going on within our democracy; battles between liberal and conservative views have become polarized, vicious, and more divisive than ever before. People voted for “Change,” and it is apparent that that is exactly what they are going to get. Like it or not!
I recently wrote in one of the blogs a piece regarding the “true meaning” of the 2nd Amendment. Judge Sotomayor made a comment when addressing a question in regards to what her opinion was of the (Amendment): she stated that, “I understand the concern some individuals have; I have friends and relatives who hunt.” This is the classic response, and has been used by “many” liberal politicians, and other individuals who really don’t see the true meaning of this most important “Constitutional” provision.
The 2nd Amendment was not placed into this document to guarantee an individuals right to hunt; it was placed in the Constitution to enable the “People” to protect themselves from harm, and the potential Healthy Grocery List For Weight Loss tyranny that could be imposed upon them by a dictatorial government, as it had been during their recent ordeal (with England) which, by the way, probably had not taxed us to the point that we are today.
The more people the Earth is forced to support; the more difficult it will become to support its population, without some sort of rationing taking place. This is why the Health care issue is of such importance. It is will be the beginning of many major forms of rationing in the United States (if) we allow it to happen. This President was elected not by the people, but by the major “world” is not the first time that this has happened (believe me), but because this administration is not hindered in any way by the oppositional party; not that they know what to do, or are any better either, but because partisan politics are now so brutal, adversarial, and harsh, that neither party has the sense (or, morality) to be trusted with the power to enact legislation completely within their own camp. They have “almost all” succumbed to influence of “big money,” as it takes “big money” to be elected to these coveted positions of power: especially to the office of the Presidency. Joe Kennedy would be astonished today… to a few million well placed bucks wouldn’t still land someone in the oval office! The price indeed has gone up! We must ask ourselves, who pays the bill?
With the internet and other relatively free sources of mass-exposure we have today, one could run for president on the net (well, maybe not, but it will one day happen). Politicians have found that “Politics truly do make strange bed fellows,” but the size of the mattress has become so large that one simply cannot please all who have donated to ones campaign.
Please a interjection, as I watch Secretary Clinton speak on the subject “Carbon Foot Prints.” Please, please, please, and please, again! This “tax” which…makes companies pay fines for certain types of emissions from their manufacturing plants, or, if their business is not environmentally friendly enough was developed via the fad, and radical support that the environmentalist have given to the cause of saving the planet. The Large corporations again Goldman Sac, and others, are eagerly awaiting this monetary windfall, as they sell, barter, and trade in the “Carbon Offsets,” (stocks) that are, and will be sold. They will make Billions; Al Gore will make millions, and we will pay for it, based upon the devalued currency will be in our collective financial futures. I mean collective, because one day you’ll be trading in your dollars for the Euro, or some other world-wide currency. They’ll own us; what need will there be for the “dollar” then…
In the theological science and doctrines of eschatology (the study of the end-times, last days, etc.). There is no mention of the United States as being a contender, participant, or as an influence in anyway of the end-of-time events, such as Armageddon. Or during the period of tribulation, as we have come to understand it; Not that we may not exist any longer, but we will have ceased to be a major player, or that we will be absorbed in someway by some other nation or entity. If, by this time (if you believe in as many theologians do; that there will be some type of “New World Order,” global currency, one world government, etc. You must realize the implications here I hope.
Truth is, the rest of the world never has cared for us too much, and that won’t change. The thought that we have historically had more (things) as a nation, freedom, money, cars, homes, and in general…comfort, Prevention Definition Medical has not endeared we “Americans” to those not fortunate enough to have been born here, or who have legally migrated to the United States. We must get out of the habit of being apologetic for our citizenship.
Universal Health Care, will not work (as purposed), because it will lead to rationing. For some reason; neither the individuals from the right, or the left, will do the math necessary to realize; that the current population, both legal, and so large; that it is not serviceable by the current number of doctors and health care professionals in this country. Even my own doctor, will not take anymore patients, because that there is not enough time in the day to see anymore!
All problems and no solutions you say! we spent a fraction of the cost of the currently proposed health-care plan, and used the money to educate new doctors, and health care professionals; in some type of new public health organization, it may work. The one thing many foreign countries do is to educate for free the students, both young and old; who are talented enough to learn the material. We already do this you may to get a student loan, if your over 30 years old, or try to go to a conservative educational institution that is not on the “list” of government approved institutions. The real accreditation factor is this…”Does the institution “Charge” enough money?” This is the reason education cost what it does in the United States. If a totally accredited degree could be had for $5000.00, why would someone pay $50,000 (dollars) to receive a degree from a so-called, good school, and $250,000, to go to one of the top schools? You must pay the tariff (gate keeper) to get a good, and (accepted) education today. But, I digress…years ago medical schools cut their admissions, because they foresaw the possibility that they were making too many doctors, there simply may had been too much competition out there, and besides, as a medical school education was seen as the entrance to a most lucrative occupation. The honorarium must be adequately adjusted, too many regular folks were getting in, and doctors who were originally allowed in (from other countries) to work in the emergency rooms, and other less desirable now eating their cheese, and doing it right in their (the medical establishments) own most lucrative specialty fields. After license was issued, a doctor is a doctor, after all! Speaking of accreditation again, ever wonder how we got so many foreign doctors. Well this is my theory, see what you think (thinking is allowed here). The accreditation of a medical school (remember, we spoke of educational accreditation briefly) is based upon quality of instruction, correct? No. (Shortest sentence you’ll see here). Many of the foreign schools are accredited, such as the one in Granada (remember that one)…I do. These schools were totally recognized by the American Medical Association, after all, if the doctor’s son was a little slow, where could doctor send him? He would ship him down south “that was the answer.” I’m sure you couldn’t get an accredited theological degree from such a six-hut campus in the same situation. Makes you wonder where they got the specimens for dissection, doesn’t it? It is also possible to go to several law schools in South America to receive a law degree, accredited, and accepted by the United States Bar Association, and be able to do it in just a few weeks; it cost an arm and a leg though, but, will junior do, if he can’t join the firm?
Sorry if I stepped upon a toe, or can still come-out of this tail spin we are in, but don’t wait for someone else to help up on the stick yourself, or better yet, next time your standing in the voting booth, if the guy, or gals the incumbent, vote for the other guy or gal….
And I swore to myself, that I would just write a few lines after dinner…I remain The “Pontificator.”