Health Care Reform – The Real Goal

If you want to start a heated debate, just turn the conversation to the health…

If you want to start a heated debate, just turn the conversation to the health care reform that is underway at the moment in Congress. Everyone has an opinion and tends to feel militant about it. In forming these opinions, however, many are focusing on minor issues instead of the big picture where we find the real goal of this health care reform effort.
The government is a forward lurching beast. This is because of the nature of our elections. Politicians do not run on a platform of promising to do nothing. Well, at least not politicians that win! Instead, they run on a platform wherein they promise the will do X, Y or Z. This leads to what seems to be a forever growing body of laws and programs at both the federal and state levels.
Okay, so why does this matter? Well, the nature of government is that any big program that passes tends to remain regardless of its merits or how much it might change. In fact, no big government Health And Nutrition Articles program has ever been repealed. Not one. Think about it and you will realize as much and it is this simple observation that leads us to the real goal of health care proponents.
The goal is simple. Proponents of health care reform just want to pass anything. Why? Once the reform is enacted, it can be improved upon in the future. This is why proponents of change in Congress have been willing to avoid hang ups that could keep the effort from becoming law. Abortion coverage? They left it out. The “public option”? They are leaving it out. Perhaps I should add a “for now” when it comes to both of those because you can bet they will be revisited down the road!
It appears as though we will get some form of health care reform. Interestingly, the compromise required to get it passed will result in new law that both the right and left Health Management Journal will most likely hate. There views will not be relevant in many ways as the new reform law will only be the skeleton outline of what will eventually come down the line.