Health Insurance Providers Offering Mail Order Prescription Delivery

In a day when convenience is important for everybody, many California health insurance providers are responding to their members’ needs for easier access to their regular prescription medications. California health providers are turning to “snail mail” as a way to improve the convenience features of their health insurance plans. And many of these health insurance providers are using the mail-order prescription option as an opportunity to decrease prescription costs for their members, too!
Here’s some important information about how these California mail-order pharmacy options work:
California members must take regular medications to participate
In order to participate in the mail-order pharmacy programs through California health providers, most members will need to take medicine regularly. For example, individuals with a chronic condition such as arthritis, asthmas, high blood pressure, or diabetes who need to refill their prescriptions monthly would qualify for participation in the mail-order pharmacy programs in California.
However, some medications qualify even if an individual does not have a chronic condition being treated by the medications. For example, some members may be able to receive oral contraceptives through the mail-order pharmacy programs with their California health plan providers.
Greater supply options Common Toxicities Of Chemotherapy are available
When using the mail-order pharmacy, many participants can get a greater supply of their medications at once. Having a greater supply may help to decrease the cost of the medications. Pricing for medications vary, so individuals should be sure to check with the pharmacy to see if their medications qualify for a price reduction if they get a larger supply rather than a smaller supply at once.
Moreover, if they are able to get a greater supply, participants will always have extra medications on hand in the event that they lose medications, travel, or simply forget to refill a prescription on time.
Medications may come in 30-day, 60-day, or 90-day supplies. Your California health care provider may need to approve the extended supply as well.
Getting medications can be more convenient and affordable
When health insurance plan members in California are able to receive their medications through the mail, they don’t have to worry about making a trip to the pharmacy each month in order to pick up their prescriptions. This benefit alone can save them valuable time, energy, and gasoline.
Additionally, some California health providers offer coupons and special programs that can help to reduce the price of the prescriptions for their members. For example, Anthem Blue Cross of California periodically sends coupons to its members that waive the co-pay for new prescription transfers to their mail-order pharmacy. Anthem also sends their members valuable coupons and offers free standard shipping.
As an added benefit, when participants receive their prescriptions through the mail, they can be assured that they will always have the right supply of their medications. Participants will never have to worry about remembering to pick up their prescriptions each month – or take their prescriptions in the event that they have forgotten. Members can always check their order status online 24/7 as well.
In order to enroll in a mail-order pharmacy program, California health plan members should check with their health insurance providers to see if they offer the Healthcare Management Facts mail-order pharmacy option. If so, then members simply need to complete the health insurance plan provider’s enrollment kit and order forms to get started.
If an individual is looking for a California health plan that allows them to enroll in the mail-order pharmacy option, they should consult with a qualified health insurance advisor who can recommend health insurance plans that are just right for their unique health and lifestyle needs. Finding the right California health insurance plan is critical to getting the best possible health care coverage, service, and convenience available.