Health Tips for a Healthier New Year That Are Easy to Follow

Health Tips for the New Year
As the New Year begins most people are thinking about what they can do to improve their health in 2013. Most people spend their time focusing on losing weight. Now what I am going to suggest may not be new to you. My point is to suggest we keep our New Year’s health resolutions simple, by doing the things that are basic to living a healthy lifestyle before going off and spending lots of money on some new health fad.
Here are some health basics:
Water: drink plenty of clean pure water at least 8 glasses a day.
Nutrition: Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Stay clear of saturated fats and don’t eat foods containing trans fats. Avoid prepared foods.
Exercise: Exercise regularly, but try to keep from over doing which may result in your quitting because it is too hard. Walking is a good exercise and so is deep breathing exercises and you don’t need any special equipment. The idea is to get moving.
Rest: Try to get good night’s sleep to refresh National Health Policy Journals your body’s strength and energy.
Now these are just some simple health tips and health information most of us know about but fail to do consistently. We start out in January with great enthusiasm but by March we are back to our old routines. The problem then is not knowledge of what do but the motivation to make our efforts become a welcomed habit.
Here are some tips that my help your motivation.
Goals- You must have a clear and measurable goal. Write it down post it where you can see it and tell others of your goal.
Support- a good support system helps especially when you have problems staying on track. Also be Abc Health News there for others with similar goals, by helping others attain their goals we can help ourselves.
Positive-: Part of the problem may be our self-conscious mind is sending us negative thoughts. Try positive affirmations repeated throughout the day. Change such words as can’t to will and problem to opportunity, see
Picture: Picture yourself reaching your goal, what will you look like, how will you feel, what will your life be like as a result of having reached your goal, and what affect will this positive outcome have on improving your self-esteem?
Laugh: Have fun in your efforts to reach your goal being too serious may hinder your efforts.
Hope these tips are helpful. Have a Happy and Healthy New Year
In my view this statement says it all:
We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit. Aristotle