Healthcare Is Dying In America – Call An Ambulance

The greatest country to walk the face of this Earth in our time or since…

The greatest country to walk the face of this Earth in our time or since has some of the worst healthcare afforded to its citizens among its peers. With leading the world in technology, innovation, economic achievement, militarily, and has some of the best schools 10 Tips For A Healthy Lifestyle In Hindi in the world we, the United States of America, have not and cannot come to a consensus on how to provide affordable, healthcare for our citizens whether young or old. And long-term healthcare is a whole other issue within itself because of our aging society.
Let’s dive into what the real issue is here–money. Doctors need to pay for their expensive educations, expensive hospitals need to get built or paid for and have the latest in medical technology, pharmaceutical companies need to make sure they only develop medications that ensure you stay sick just as long as you come back for more but never get well, and insurance companies sit in the back waiting to get paid each month hoping you go the distance so they squeeze every penny out of your savings before you kick the bucket. Under the current administration, Medicare went under a new payment system for all doctors in April 2012 unbeknownst to a lot of the paying Americans. This change over delayed doctor’s paychecks or distributions from Medicare and specifically affected specialists like chiropractors, neurologists, Healthy Meals To Eat physical therapists, etc who gets over 80% over their pay per month from Medicare payments had to live off of co-pays until the system switched over. Blue Cross/Blue Shield payments and other distributions have been held up to qualified doctors for weeks. I was talking to my chiropractor the other day and he was telling me he didn’t know how he was going to make his mortgage payment for next month. Now I don’t know if this was part of the current administration’s Obama Care overhaul of the current medical care system but if it is the shock is far and wide. It made me wonder what this country would do if our specialized doctors would go on strike because the pay system in Medicare was screwed up by the administration’s efforts to overhaul the healthcare system. That really wouldn’t be a good thing.
What is truly sad about this issue is that the more we try to fix the healthcare situation in America, the more we end up messing it up. For over twenty years this issue has been on the past four President’s agenda all of which has had little or no success. I would suggest that if you have a tough problem, break it down to the lowest common denominator or smaller issues and then tackle it at that level. Have small successes there then over time you’ll see success across the spectrum of the enterprise. Then one day America’s healthcare won’t be dying and we can save the ambulance for the people who need it.