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The healthcare industry is the only market that has not computerized. With all the advances…

The healthcare industry is the only market that has not computerized. With all the advances in technology the medical field is dramatically behind. Grocery stores are more technologically advanced than hospitals. When you check out at the grocery store there is a scanner that knows what each item is. When you go to the doctor’s office you have to fill out paper work. Most Nutrient Reference Values Labelling people have filled out the same five pages of paper work multiple times at many different doctors offices. The doctor does not know who you are, your medical history, genetic diseases or current medications you are on. If you do not tell your doctor what medications you are currently taking they could easily prescribe a conflicting prescription that would harm you.
There is a way to bring the medical world into the twenty first century. The government has already implemented lucrative incentives for medical communities that adapt programs that promote computerizing and the sharing of medical data. This is known as Health Information Exchange. HIE software allows doctor offices to securely share relevant patient information. For example, if you go to my primary care doctor and he recommends a dermatologist your primary care doctor can send the dermatologist relevant information to expedite the visit and give better care. This information sharing is an invaluable tool that will advance medicine faster than we have ever scene.
HIE software can also be beneficial in clinical trial work. Clinical trials are constantly being done on diabetes. If the top clinical trials in the world could merge relevant data more could be understood. With HIE software you have the ability to track and stop epidemics. When HIV first appeared no one knew where it was Treatment In Medical Terminology coming from or how it was contracted. With HIE software pinpointing where a disease starts is very simple. If the first 80 people who contracted HIE were located in London in Miami you would know in seconds. The medical information that is accessed does not include patient name or any time of code associated to a person.
HIE architecture insures security and is one of the main focuses with HIE software. Each individual can control what others have accesses to. This includes the name of the patient and any other piece in that patient medical history they would like omitted. Relevant information like family history can help make genetic complications that the patient and doctor should be aware of and test for early.