How Much is Too Much? The Cost of Healthcare!

A hot topic or commonly asked question facing most of us today is Healthcare. Even…

A hot topic or commonly asked question facing most of us today is Healthcare. Even before Obama started saying he was going to change health care in the United Sates it was a topic that raged in many campaigns and discussions. Even on an individual or family level this has been a concern for a quarter of a century. Many questions have Regulations For Vitamins And Supplements been raise and one that has repeatedly come up but seems the toughest to change is about cost. Of course hospitals and other health care providers always make a big deal over anyone that so much as breaths the word affordable health care. So is there a solution to this problem we all face no matter what we do or where we are at?
The question really comes down to one major thing. How much is too much? No matter which way you look at it health care is expensive! It is not just hospitals and doctors charging huge amounts of money; everyone, and everything involved is expensive. From the care you receive to the medicines you take. For those involved in practicing their respective fields there are huge costs associated with just getting to that point. Universities and colleges charge huge sums and require years of training. Then comes the facilities that are provided for health care; specialized rooms and equipment has to be incorporated as well as a highly trained support staff. All this just pushes cost up even further.
Some people complain about these costs stating that they are unjust or too high! I like to think of it like a good steak. I know comparing health care and steak does not sound right but when you think about cost it does. You can get a great steak for a relatively reasonable price now and then but if you want the best there is; let’s say a Kobe beef steak you will pay a high price! Why? Because of all the care and specialized feed that goes into raising these animals. It is just like health care in that while you can great care from someone who does not have much experience; if you want the best it will cost a lot more. Just like the Kobe beef a lot more care went into these professionals in training and development.
The question is when does it become too much to pay for health care. In our case it will now change focus a little from those who provide health care to those who will pay for it on our behalf. In this case the insurance companies. There are many providers out there and they all offer different plans of coverage and costs. Some have been worried that the new requirements that will be taking effect over the next few years will raise costs. They say that if everyone has to have coverage then we will all have to pay more. I will admit that some insurance providers may see it that way; fearful of covering people that they would not have covered before or that may not be able to pay their monthly bills.
The big thing to remember is that not everyone is sick or has chronic conditions that will require a lot of medical attention. For most of us it is just like going to the dentist. We only go once; maybe twice a year for preventative care and when something out of the ordinary happens like a toothache. With this in mind insurance companies can be at peace with providing coverage at a reasonable cost for anyone. Only a small percentage will actually need it for large and expensive procedures or emergencies! They in fact may be able to reduce costs as well due to the increase in those covered. There is a balance to be met.
That leave just the concern of how much will that insurance cost us. There is a point where what is charged is just too high. For example I pay $128 a month after my company has chipped in; been doing that for 6 years and yet I have never been in an emergency room or seen a doctor. I happen to be reasonably healthy in my eyes at least. When I think about it I have paid almost $10,000 in coverage and never used it. Some may think that is ridiculous and would not want to pay it. When I look at it though; I look to the future. I am sure that sometime there will come a point where something will happen. I hope not but unfortunately percentages are against me. When it does I am sure that the money I have put into the system will be used up and maybe more. So am I paying too much? Short term; maybe, long term; not at all!
I guess it comes down to what we can afford to live without and what we want to protect ourselves against. I would love to use some of that money for other things and there have even been times where I have been months behind on bills and that little amount being taken out would really have helped. I am glad though to have that coverage knowing How To Get Healthy Fast it will be there when I need it. It will not be easy for all of us; I no doubt believe some will really struggle to make the payments for their insurance; especially those whose companies will not provide any help. Just like everything else though people always find a way to make ends meet; it just does not happen quickly enough for some of us.
So will there be a thing as too much to pay for health care? Definitely! We will have to effect change on those who control the industry. Do not go after Obama or your polititions; they really do not set any of the costs. You need to go after the insurance providers, the drug companies, and the hospitals, and doctors. Fact is; they will have to find a way to reduce their costs without sacrificing quality if this new program is to work for the benefit of all! As it is these companies make billions in profit annually! Now they will have more clients as well as expenses. A balance will have to be found.