How My House Alarm System Saved Me From the Flames

How My House Alarm System Saved Me From the FlamesNow you’re probably thinking how can…

How My House Alarm System Saved Me From the Flames

Now you’re probably thinking how can a house alarm system actually save you from a fire? Most people see a house alarm system as a noisy buzzer that just goes off when there is a burglar but a good quality house alarm system can do so much more.

This is why I want to share my story of how my life was saved by the security system company one night. I used to be a smoker a few years ago and one night I fell asleep in my bedroom after smoking a cigarette in the next room. I had left the cigarette on the table and forgot to put it out.

Obviously this is a very stupid thing to do but I was so exhausted from working that day I didn’t even realize that I had walked away from it and had fallen asleep without putting out the cigarette.

Cigarettes should always be put in an ashtray and not simply left on a table. Now as you will guess the next room soon began to catch on fire. Fortunately I had been smart enough to have a house alarm system complete with 24 hour emergency monitoring installed.

Within in seconds of the fire starting, the house alarm system went off and I also received a call on my mobile phone from the company to let me know that they had detected a fire in my house and that they were sending help immediately.

By the time the call house alarm system company woke me and I heard the alarm go off, the fire had spread to most of the room. I quickly ran past the room that the fire was in and dashed out of the house.

When the fire department came they put out the fire and there was only minimal damage to the room. The moral of this story is that first of all don’t leave cigarettes around and second of all always have a house alarm system with emergency monitoring.

I am grateful that I found a great monitoring company before the fire. I researched numerous alarm companies on the web just before the fire occurred. When I spoke to my representative, he told me most people do not opt for the fire protection service, because it adds to the initial cost. Had I opted to go without fire protection, I wouldn’t be writing this article for you. I am glad I made the right choice that time.

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