Human Dental Structure and the Wisdom Teeth Removal

One often narrates stories of the wisdom tooth to young children. People associate it with adulthood and intelligence. However, the dentist has another opinion! The dentist will commonly suggest that you remove the tooth. Meanwhile, you are left to wonder why you must do it. Hence, it is time to understand the human dental structures so that we can understand the process and need for the wisdom teeth removal.
The wisdom tooth is present for one main reason. The main function is to help the person to eat and chew the food. For this purpose, the human teeth are of different shapes and structures and they do specific roles. The structures include the incisors, the canines, the premolars, the molars, and the third molars. The incisors are the teeth in the front of the jaws. They help in biting. The canines form a sharp arrangement which aids tearing of food. The premolars help for grinding, while the molars support the same process. They grow about a year after the premolars appear in the mouth. The last types of teeth that grow are known as the third molars. These are responsible for crowding in the mouth. Due to this reason, the wisdom teeth removal becomes mandatory as it is a type of third molar structure.
However, healthcare experts have different schools of thought about this procedure. Some believe that a structure which is well placed and intact does not need removal because it is harmless. While, others believe that these growths can cause dental difficulties in the future.
It is a known fact that these teeth may become useful to the person, but at the same time, it is also possible that they develop in an inappropriate place causing other problems. For instance, the person may face trouble in biting of food. Moreover, the bones in the mouth get affected. Due to the unnatural positioning and disruption of the set pattern of arrangement of teeth, slight decay is possible along with bone problems.
Nevertheless, if your teeth have grown in a proper way and it is possible for you 7 Day Diet Plan To Lose 10 Pounds to keep up your dental hygiene, then, you may not need to get them removed.
The most peculiar aspect about third molars is that they can grow in any fashion! Sometimes, the jaw is not large enough to support their eruption. Sometimes, they may begin to appear in the far Medical Treatment Case Definition Hse end of the mouth. So, they may not have enough space to grow properly and may end up growing in a horizontal direction. This is abnormal and hence, wisdom teeth removal becomes inevitable.
Youngsters and young adults are often asked to undergo an extraction as they can recover more easily from surgery and future problems can also be avoided this way.