Impact of US Policies on India As Offshore Outsourcing Destination

The US suffers an unemployment rate of 9.9% which has triggered a need for several amendments in US policies towards Outsourcing and the companies that outsource How To Make Body Strong By Exercise jobs to India. Among those who outsource vastly are the giant US conglomerate GE (General Electric Company) and IBM (International Business Machines).
Recently, the health care bill passed in the US led to 35 million Americans being given fresh health insurance cover. As the Bill was passed on March 23 and was made a law on March 30, Companies in India had turned hugely optimistic over the imminent revenue inflow that followed. Processes like enrollment, insurance claims, transactions and customer services that followed were to provide employment opportunities to India.
This was because Health care providers were forced to operate at lesser cost in providing healthcare services to Americans. Who will convert all those paper records into electronic and digital formats? Hence, Indians grew optimistic and had already secured contracts with major health care providers to provide services. The Health care Bill is expected to bring employment to Indians for the next 10 years.
On the other hand, ‘American Jobs and Closing Tax Loopholes Act’ was passed in the House of Representatives recently which was supposed to exempt companies from certain taxes if they generate more number of employment within the US. Citigroup, IBM and GE have been the major gainers from their Offshore Outsourcing activities creating employment opportunities in India.
However, predictions suggest that this is not going to affect outsourcing to India as the bill was aimed at increasing job opportunities Nutrition And Exercise within the US and was not intended to curb the profits made by these companies from outsourcing their jobs to India.