Is Health Care Reform Now at Hand?

A slight frowning haunted the Democrats in the House of Representatives when just a month ago a Republican has been sent to Washington by his people to gain the seat Sen. Ted Kennedy vacated upon the latter’s demise. Senator Scott Brown won the election and upheld against the late senator’s advocacy of bringing reform on health care after decades of championing the bill in the senate. It took several administrations before finally the country had an optimistic president who goes beyond political boundaries and test the delicate waters of partisanship in the person President Obama. Filibuster that is Brown as expected by many, there are still maneuvers in the house that shone hope on the Democrats and several Republicans who pushes health care reform.
The health care sector represented by doctors and nurses whether in their medical scrubs in practice or those in corporate uniforms that works for managerial positions is also divided in opinion. Whereas the first reason of the anxiety of these people is the entry in the law that would somehow actually limits the patients’ right to choose a practitioner. Though this idea has been shun off by the authors, there is still doubt that is never removed from the healthcare providers. Thus for the part of the people in nursing uniforms, this issue is an important milestone that when passed with great legislative errors or beyond the process would eventually lead to chaos.
While every sector that will be affected by the reform has been consulted and is still being constantly consulted, the conservatives would actually maneuver the moves into technicalities and procedural issues rather than that of the essence and merits of the bill itself.
“We’ve got to put all the pressure we can on these Democrats to make sure this bill never, ever happens,” House minority leader John Boehner said on Time.
The issue being implied by Rep. Boehner is no longer on the aspect of having a reform but rather eradicating reform at all by killing the bill with the Republican votes. This statement of the House minority leader seems to be so dubious albeit dangerous as the image of the House as a whole is being disparaged. People badly need reform on health care and so are those professionals in medical scrubs.
The President now is in a make or break situation. He wishes that by the end of March, that bill he longed be passed will be on his desk. But How Many Hours Between Medication he also expressed and expected the worst that might happen that will be caused by partisan ideologies and business as usual practices.
But the President’s side is seeing a great hope again as they believe that the health care reform does not benefit the few but instead every American. Because of its expanded capability like pre-existing condition is no longer a hindrance in securing insurance, people of any class with or without pre-existing conditions can still save money. Well, the President’s camp talks about betterment of the bill and not basically trampling reform aside.
The health care reform brawl is somehow expected to end by the end of this month when the President either have bill on his desk or simply a message of failure. But no matter the outcome would Global Health Activities be, the challenge remains in the heart of every legislator – they needed to act not because their party wanted it to be but rather because majority of Americans will benefit from it.