Is Our Health the Price of Progress?

It has been written that, at the beginning of the twentieth century, developed countries started to move away from grain based diets to those of meat rich and processed ones. Many health experts think that this hundred year period escalated the rise of the so-called lifestyle diseases, of which arteriosclerosis, diabetes and cancer figure prominently. So, you could argue that mass production has come at a very high price indeed. Is this trend reversible in some sensible way? The figures suggest we are How To Maintain Body Shape in a crisis. Twenty-five per cent of Americans are overweight, and India is soon to become the diabetes capital of the world. Why is it that devices that were designed to serve mankind have an inherent capacity to do much harm to the very people that are supposed to be helped by them. In my mind one of the most patent examples, is the invention of, and the eventual mass-production of the motor car. Virtually every one of us has been touched by the tragedy of automobile accidents to some degree.
The statistics of some countries are staggering. Over 40,000 deaths in the United States every year for the last few years; well over 100,000 deaths in the European region. These are isolated examples of a world wide phenomenon. The media seems to focus on tragedies that arise from natural disasters such as earthquakes, but the same attention is not given to road fatalities, perhaps because the statistics accumulate over one year rather than a period of a few days. To my mind automobile accidents are potentially far more avoidable than those caused by nature. We have geared our lifestyles to the benefits that a mobile existence offers, seemingly trading off the risks involved. There is also a parallel that exists with the dietary regimes across different countries, and this may be Reasons To Take Supplements exemplified most in the so-called advanced and industrialized nations. Mass production affected the way food was produced and distributed, and in a similar fashion to cars, offered a previously unavailable degree of freedom. Modern farming methods, supermarkets and convenience foods have offered time saving benefits not unlike that the motor car did. As mentioned earlier, this development corresponded with the rise of serious diseases that have been connected with the modern day diet. While it may be hard for us to give up our cars and motorcycles, it would not be quite as difficult for many of us to give up much of the modern diet and it’s associated negative effects. For more information on diets, best cures and general health information, please visit the sites mentioned below.