Isolation, Loneliness and Fear – Living With Long Term Health Issues

One of the awful things about living with any long term health issue – apart…

One of the awful things about living with any long term health issue – apart from the health issue itself, is the feeling of isolation. It’s very difficult when you are no longer the healthy, fit and active person you used to be. You feel different to all your friends and family, and they in turn, often get frustrated when you are not able to function in the way that they might expect (or want) you to. You find yourself having to cancel appointments at short notice when your energy runs out or your pain levels are too high and you become a very ‘unreliable’ friend. So it isn’t much of a surprise to find that one by one, your friends start to disappear off the radar.
And so you are left with the awful feeling of loneliness that often goes hand in hand with long term health problems. No one is there to understand, to sympathise or appreciate what it really feels like to live Best Body Care Routine with a chronic health condition. Your life seems to be one long cycle of doctor’s appointments, visits to the hospital and tests, so you don’t feel much like socialising even when you do have the energy.
And then there is the fear, it’s all too easy to have thoughts such as; “What if my partner finds someone else, someone who is more like the person I used to be – what if he/she gives up on me too” and “if I feel like this now, how will I manage with all the normal health issues which coincide with growing old” or “how can I get through another day of this”.
One thing you can do to help with these feelings is to have a more positive mindset. Patient support groups can be really helpful – both online and face to face and they are not all dull and dreary. Being around people Personal Care Products Wholesale who face similar problems to you can be a great comfort, so choose to live with gratitude for all the things you can enjoy, if you look hard you will find many things to bring a touch of happiness to your day.