Know About the Swine Influenza

Swine influenza also known as the pig or hog flu is a disease of the…

Swine influenza also known as the pig or hog flu is a disease of the pigs spread through any one of the several strains of the influenza virus. What Type Of Cancer Is Chemotherapy Used For The virus known as SIV or Swine Influenza Virus has many sub-types of its strain. These are known as H1N1, H1N2, H3N2, H2N3 and H3N1.
The virus gets transmitted from pigs to human beings and gets assimilated in the human blood to create antibodies. Swine flu is common among the pigs that are human-bred world over but it does not always Alternative Careers For Pharmacists cause influenza or sickness in humans. Many from the pig population die through the virulent swine flu and even vaccinations are injected to protect the home-bred pigs that are bred in huge quantities.
The symptoms of Swine flu are similar to the normal influenza in human beings, therefore detection in some cases take some time. Though his strain of the swine flu virus is not as dangerous as a few others, it is deadly enough to kill a person if not detected early. Some of the symptoms of Swine flu in human beings include chills, coughs, body aches, diarrhoea, headache, sore throat, temperature, vomiting and tiredness.
To protect yourself from the H1N1 virus you should maintain some personal protection and precaution like you should try to maintain health and fitness and get enough of sleep, try to manage stress and do exercise, eat a well balanced diet with plenty of fibre and liquids. You should most importantly be careful in public and not get in touch with sick people and should wash your hands regularly with antiseptic soap or alcoholic hand sanitizers.
Besides, there are other precautions to be kept in mind if you or your friend gets infected like you should cover your mouth while sneezing, clean all surfaces since sometimes small droplets containing the influenza virus can remain behind and also to maintain minimal social contact. The virus also can be stubbed by vaccinating the pigs in the pig farms farmers who look after them and remain in regular direct or indirect contact with the pigs are more susceptible to acquire the virus and should therefore maintain certain measures like smoking the area and wearing gloves since they are the ones who come in contact with the infected pigs on a daily basis and may lead to human to human transmission of the virus.
The H1N1 virus had spread to many countries and had taken many lives in the past from 1976 to 2009 and will continue to do so in future since the virus can mutate and remain dormant for several years to again emerge in the form of a different strain. Pigs can be infected by both human and avian influenza strains which in turn create new strains. The best way is to ensure your own protection by being aware of the influenza virus and its workings. You can gain information from online health care information. A health guide can also bail you out, if you are confused about the Swine flu and its virus.
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