1. KNOW YOUR Global Health Activities WHY
Making any changes in your life requires thought and planning, and that all starts with your ‘why’. Whether it is to look and feel healthier or be better in business, it all starts with the same basic principle. The clearer you are on your reason why the more satisfying your results will be. Think about it, we see it all the time in life. Watch children and how they react to life situations. You can’t tell a child not to smoke, for instance, when you are standing there smoking a cigarette. Likewise, making fun of a policeman for eating doughnuts while you are sucking down Danish is an oxymoron. The old adage of “Actions speak louder than words” really rings true here. One reason people connect with after doing some serious soul searching is that even though helping others is a top priority, they end up coming to the conclusion that unless they take good care of themselves, both mentally and physically, they won’t have the stamina required at the end of the day to help anyone. There are many good reasons to change, but until you find one that is truly heartfelt, you may have difficulty in maintaining your drive in the long term.
Not having a specific goal is one of the biggest mistakes a lot of people make when starting out. The human mind can be a lot like a GPS. Not having a clear, concise destination, will keep you moving, but will not achieve your objective. Most people who are trying to reach an objective aren’t specific enough about their goal and end up lost; trying to figure out what went wrong. Just like using a GPS, just telling it you want to go someplace nice is not enough. One person’s idea of nice might be a beautiful beach, while another’s might be the mountains. Get the drift? So be very specific in your goals. Instead of saying you want to lose weight, say I want to lose 20 lbs. in three months. Instead of saying I want to make more money, say in three months I want to make 20,000.00 dollars. You get the message! Be crystal clear on what you want and when, and them write it down. Post everywhere you would see it during your daily activities. Even print out pictures if you can find some that fit your goals.
3. VISUALIZE YOUR Choosing Supplements SUCCESS NOW
One thing that will help visualize your goal is to take some quiet time for yourself each day. Find a place and time each day that you can be by yourself, and develop that picture of your goal in your mind. See every little detail, every little moment; see yourself in the picture, doing what you want to do, with whom you want to be with. Make it like a short movie about your future, seeing yourself out to a healthy lunch with your friends, eating nutritious foods, nourishing your energy and life. Envision the decisions you make for your business, how you are going to help the people you are meeting, and how your team will grow. See yourself getting up early to exercise, not wasting time or procrastinating. This will help you envision the future. Remember, physical manifestation is a secondary phenomenon, and will help you see in your mind what your future life will become.
There is a well-known fact that we are all a direct result of our environment. What surrounds us dictates who we become. Our eating habits are developed as we grow, that is why there is a common misconception that being overweight is hereditary. Commonly, if our parents and family are overweight, it usually carries over to those growing in this environment. Remove the common cause of being obese, i.e. high carb foods, high fat foods, processed junk food, white flour products, sugary cereals and drinks, and you remove the temptation and accessibility of these foods. Replace them with highly nutritious foods like whole grains, extra lean meats, fresh vegetables, and you have set yourself on the track to success. This is not an end-all, but it is the right direction. Start by changing the environment. The same goes for your business life. If the people you surround yourself with are not successful, their negativity will directly influence your outcome. If you want success, change your environment. Find a quiet place to work, and make it a point to set aside time blocks that are dedicated solely to working on your business. Turn off all the distractions like cell phones, radios, televisions, and make sure if you have a home ran business, that your family knows that this time block is a no disturb zone. It’s a business, so treat it as such. Most home businesses have a scheduling or take action sheet that you can print out, or you can make your own. Just make sure that it shows blocks for each day of the week, a place to list specific tasks, time allotments, etc. Entries need to be as specific as possible. So be very mindful to the particulars of your environment, and do whatever “housecleaning” is needed to make both areas of your life more conducive to success.
Too many times on our road to success, our mind starts to play tricks on us. We have a tendency to perceive the ultimate goal as the only measure of success. This type of thinking will only sabotage us if we don’t change the way we perceive our goals. Perfection is a lie, and will never be achieved, whether it is physical or mental perfection. We never stop progressing in life, because we need to learn on a daily basis. For example, if someone wants to lose 20 pounds in four weeks, but only loses 10, they get frustrated, and give up. We need to change that type of thinking and realize that losing that 10 pounds is a goal in itself. So celebrate, give yourself a pat on the back, stop and think ‘what else can I do’ to improve my processes and reach my goal. You will never reach the ‘POT OF GOLD’ at the end of the rainbow, but the achievements people accomplish along the way are lost in the wrong way thinking. Business is the same way. Maybe you want to make 20,000 dollars in four weeks but only make 10,000. Some may think of this as failure, but don’t realize that is 10,000 dollars they didn’t have before. Or maybe they wanted to sponsor 5 people that week and only got 2. Any progress is still progress, no matter how small. So look at it as an achievement success, re-evaluate your actions to assess any improvements, and move on. Give yourself a pat on the back and celebrate, just don’t stop striving to improve and learn. Work on your mindset so we see progress, not perfection, as the ultimate reward. When you do this, you will see major growth in your motivation and energy, and every step will be in the right direction.
Or you reap what you sow. Speak easy means that what you say to others is a direct reflection on your person. Harsh words, foul language, degrading comments, are all poison to our system, and to those we are speaking. It has been shown in scientific studies that positive, empowering language, improves scores on aptitude tests, can boost physical performance, build up immune systems, and help develop healthy eating and work habits. By harnessing the power of words and encouragement, we can affirm to ourselves and others that you are becoming smarter, healthier, and more energetic. It will allow you to transform, improve, and progress in all areas of your life. The more you do, the more you will.