Lincoln College of New England Overview

Are you looking for a school where you won’t be just a blur in a…

Are you looking for a school where you won’t be just a blur in a class? Or where you’ll really feel like you have a grip on your education? Lincoln College of New England should be your answer! When they say personal education, they mean it. Their approach to education is easy: It revolves around you, your career goals and your educational needs.
Since 1946, Lincoln schools have been providing quality education for students across America. Now, thanks to their New England campus and their 10 Habits Of Wellness online learning program, they’re bringing the one-on-one personalized education strategies straight to you – while you’re in your own house!
Degrees are offered in the following:
Online Associate Health Awareness Pdf Degrees:
Criminal Justice
Health Information and Technology
Online Bachelor Degrees:
Criminal Justice
Health Information Administration
Since Lincoln College of New England puts students first, it’s no wonder they modeled their online learning programs with that mentality. No matter how busy or demanding your personal or work schedule is, a quality education is right at your fingertips!
Thanks to cutting edge technology, you’ll interact with classmates and professors on their online message board, where you can also upload assignments and “turn in” work. Best of all, Lincoln College of New England is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Inc. (NEASC) through its Commission on Institutions of Higher Education, so you’ll be getting a top education that is fully accredited.
Some students worry that studying online means more solo work and that you’ll be on your own if a problem arises, but Lincoln College of New England does everything possible to ensure you that there is help when needed. Professors and technical support is available throughout the week, and some professors respond back to email on weekends, as well. But thank to their new cutting edge online learning platform, you won’t have to worry about encountering too many problems.
Earning a career-specific degree is something that job experts see as a smart decision in this economy. You’ll be getting extensive job training on a certain field by working professionals and experienced people in the field, so your training will be hands on and rewarding. In fact, professors take you behind-the-scenes of your field, giving you a hands on approach to real world experiences and giving you that edge against other candidates applying for the same job as you.
After graduation, Lincoln College of New England helps you on the career path as well – looking for employment opportunities, helping you with your resume and giving you personalized tips. At Lincoln College of New England, their motto is premised around three basics: student centered, customized support and individualized attention. They pride themselves on making sure each student is on the right track to success, and they help you along the way. Thanks to small online classes, and administrators who put your success first, you’ll really feel that attention at all times.
Graduates agree that the “family” atmosphere at Lincoln College of New England is what made them feel right at home and comfortable in their field. So what are you waiting for? Academic advisors and professors are waiting to help YOU reach your dream career! Find out more info today!