Looking For Cat Health Information

For many of us, cats aren’t pets. Rather, they’re more like our children, and our best friends. (And, had we lived in ancient Egypt, we would have worshiped them.) So, we naturally want to make sure that they get the best of care. If you’re new at this, you may want to find cat health information.
There are many things that a new guardian of felines may not realize. For example, many people don’t realize the importance of having their felines spayed or neutered while they’re still young. Having this done early can help prevent them from running away, and from spraying in the house. In homes with multiple felines, it can also help promote domestic tranquility, since unfixed felines can become rather aggressive toward each other.
Male cats are prone to having urinary tract blockages, because they have a urethra that’s both longer and more narrow than that of females. The blockage may come either because of an infection, or because of crystals that form in the urine. Either way, you’ll want to know how to prevent the problem, and what symptoms to look for in case your kitty develops this problem.
There are several types of parasites that can cause different problems. Tapeworms, obtained when kitty eats a flea, can cause some inconvenience and discomfort. Heartworms can cause heart and respiratory disease, and eventually death. People normally think of fleas as a nuisance, that bite and cause scratching. However, if left untreated, fleas can literally suck the life out of your kitty. A severe flea infestation will cause anemia, and can kill even a full-grown kitty.
There are many more types of parasites than are listed here. You can find more information about them at various websites. Also, your veterinarian can recommend how to prevent or treat them.
Just as with dogs, felines need to be vaccinated to prevent certain diseases. Your veterinarian can best tell you Eating Well Meal Plan which vaccinations to get. (Most likely, vaccinations for both rabies and feline leukemia will be recommended.)
In addition to knowing about caring for kitty’s physical health, you’ll also want to know about how to care for his or her emotional health. Introducing a new kitten Premier Health Careers or a new child into the house can cause behavioral problems that you may not know how to deal with. Aging or sickness can also cause emotional distress.
Fortunately, there are many sources of cat health information that you can consult. Your favorite bookstore should have a good selection of books and magazines about cat care. Also, by searching around on the web, you’ll find many good sites that can serve as good references. Different sites approach the subject from different angles. Some sites offer a comprehensive reference about the different feline ailments. Others may have a list of Frequently Asked Questions, others may have general articles about feline health, while yet others may simply have blogs. On many of the sites, you’ll see a disclaimer, telling you to not use them to replace professional veterinary care. However, they can still help you out in many circumstances.