Low Cost Temperature Loggers

Low Cost Temperature LoggersThe need to accurately record the temperature is now of critical importance…

Low Cost Temperature Loggers

The need to accurately record the temperature is now of critical importance for many people. Temperature is critical for the processing, distribution and storage of food, drugs, vaccines and many chemicals. Incorrect temperatures can lead to faster ageing or perishing of items.

Previously many companies would rely on a thermometer and an occasional manual reading. The relied on the staff being diligent and honest. It was not uncommon to have a half empty record sheet that was quickly filled in when noticed.

For many years temperature loggers have been on the market. These are electronic devices that will automatically store the date, time and temperature periodically. The results can then be downloaded to a computer to be viewed as a graph or table and stored as a permanent record. They save time, are reliable and accurate.

The great news is that the price of these units have now made them affordable for all business owners. These units used to be hundreds of dollars, but models such as the Thermocron temperature logger and Logtag are now about the same price as a printer cartridge.

They are ideal for monitoring fridges, freezers, washing machines and even have units that will go up to 140A�C for monitoring sterilisers, and down to -80A�C.

To use them, you simply specify how often you want them to record the temperature and can put in an optional start delay. You then leave them where they are required and forget about them. Later you place it back in the computer reader and retrieve the results.

Various models are available depending upon your requirements. Options include LED indicators, temperature display, external probes, humidity and casing. The thermocron is a stainless steel device about the size of a coin.

Currently temperature loggers have a reasonably high usage rate wihtin the medical industry but are not mandatory. The storage and transport of vaccines are now closely monitored in many countries.

Within the restaurant and catering industry they are virtually unknown, with most business owners unaware of their capabilities. Larger organisations with a thorough HACCP plan are more likely to use them as they appreciate a more automated audit trail. And when it comes to inspections, handing over a comprehensive graph for the fridges and freezers immediately proves compliance.

The air conditioning industry use very few despite the fact that they would provide a detailed report on the performance of the airconditioning, at any location within the building. For commissioning and servicing jobs, this information is invaluable.

For research applications, the thermocron’s stainless steel casing and small size makes it possible to place them almost anywhere and withstand some harsh environmental conditions. They have been left in the field for months. passed through elephants, placed on the back of lizards, and cooked in bottles.

So if you care about having the correct temperature, then a temperature logger can probably help you. For more information visit