Medical Breakthroughs

Cancer is a disease caused by uncontrolled growth of cells. There are several types of…

Cancer is a disease caused by uncontrolled growth of cells. There are several types of cancer from head to the bottom part of our body. Alternative Careers For Pharmacists Tumors are excessive tissue found in the organ. Tumors can be malignant leading to cancer and benign tumor which can be treated.
Tumors normally occur in the cells of the body and eventually grow to uncontrollable sizes until it accumulates all cells within the organ leading to a more serious condition called cancer. Doctors and medical experts are in the verge of finding out a more appropriate, safer, and a cheaper cure and treatment against cancer.
Cancer researchers are not stopping on researching medications or therapy for cancer patients. There is a new cancer treatment that will give hope to lymphoma and leukemia patients. Before, patients who are diagnosed to have leukemia, or blood cancer have less probability of survival, now with the latest medical news for cancer treatment, will improve the survival rate of these types of cancer.
In the 26th of February, 2010, the news straight from the medical researchers have drawn high expectations for a newest therapy for cancer patients with specified cancer types such as leukemia and lymphoma. They were able to develop a new drug which will be an effective aid towards lymphoma and leukemia.
The PCI-32765 drug is being tested and analyzed in a clinical trial labeled as Phase I by the Virginia G. Piper Cancer Center with the collaboration of the Clinical Division of the Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen). There were clinical trials and testing done to measure the effectiveness and safety of the new drug prior to approval by the United States Food and Drug Administration.
PCI-32765 drug targets the cellular abnormalities of lymphoma cells. To maintain B-lymphocytes that functions to manufacture antibodies for a reliable immune system, an enzyme called Bruton-tyrosine-kinase is essential. Preclinical observations showed the ability of PCI-32765 to prevent growth of cancer cells at the same time eliminate the cancer cells and eventually cause cell death.
Another great news is about the release of a new drug to treat a cancer that was approved by FDA on May 2010 is Provenge, Surgical Procedures Step By Step Pdf a new treatment for prostate cancer that was originally developed by Stanford researchers in the 1990s.
Provenge uses immune cells of the body to recognize and then fight cancer, which usually cells don’t recognize as a foreign threat. The body will be targeted of the treatment and it will be leading directly to the immune cells which are pre-defined.
The therapy will target existing advanced stage cancers and is not preventative like traditional tetanus vaccines or measles vaccines. Unlike other types of therapies, the use of Provenge will add added hope to a prostate cancer patient. It will also be directed to the cancer cells while aiding the impacted cells, thus enabling the other living cells to perform normal functions without interrupting them.
Accuracy and effectiveness is also tested at the same time, the extent of the therapy, its precaution, and side effects. Although this is such a go news, we still have to itemize all the possible effects and aftershock of the process to lessen them if not totally get rid of it.
Highly industrialized countries will be the one to create sample operations since the testing itself are costly. Surely, these breakthroughs in medical sciences in treating cancer is commendable and should be taken into consideration to reduce mortality rate due to cancer.